The Results Are in! NFL Viewership Drops Dramatically Over Promotion of Race Hatred

While we are still waiting for the final ratings, the early numbers are not strong. The preliminary ratings do not include the west coast numbers. Since the Los Angeles Rams were involved in the Sunday night game, there is a chance that the numbers could be higher when it’s all said and done. That’s probably just wishful thinking, though.

Los Angeles is not exactly known for being a football town. The Rams are only able to get people in the doors when they are Super Bowl contenders. Now that things are a bit more uncertain, we highly doubt that Los Angeles residents are raring to watch games in the empty stadium that they paid through the nose to build.

The Rams are no strangers to empty seats but there was a big difference for the Sunday night game. The fans were actually told to stay away for once. Mind you, the NFL even had the ratings juggernaut that is the Dallas Cowboys to help them and still, they are suffering. These teams are both supposed to have massive followings (the Cowboys are a more national team, while the Rams are supposed to be LA’s team) but the picture painted by the ratings is a grim one.

The game drew roughly 14.8 million viewers, which sounds fine until you look at last year’s opener. The Patriots and Steelers completed a 33-3 blowout in front of far more eyeballs. This game pulled in an audience of 22.2 million. We weren’t math majors but that does not seem ideal. The Thursday night opener with the Kansas City Chiefs did not fare much better, either.

You’d think that this game would have been a ratings smash. The defending champs going against an electric, young quarterback? It should have been a no brainer. From the moment that the fans booed a moment of silence that was taken for racial unity, we knew where this was going. This contest saw a 12 percent decline from last year’s season opener.

There are a few theories floating around. Some believe that the NFL is suffering because they are being forced to compete with other playoff games. The league is usually not accustomed to sharing the airwaves with NBA and NHL playoff games. These sports finish their seasons long before the NFL’s, in most years.

This is not most years, obviously. That excuse also doesn’t hold water because there were no NBA games that night. The NHL also finished their games well before kickoff. These leagues will operate in deference to the NFL and this cannot be used as the scapegoat. Football fans should want football, regardless of whatever else is going on.

The steep drop off in the ratings could be attributed to politics. When Morning Consult took a poll of NFL fans and asked about their level of excitement for the season, you’ll notice a definite trend. Those who are voting for Trump were most likely to experience a loss of enthusiasm. As the NFL tries to become more woke, they are sure to lose more and more viewers.

The anti-Trump crowd is also losing their willingness to watch, which is odd. Shouldn’t they be the ones who are most excited about the shift? The decline could also be attributed to the pandemic. It’s not like the left has anything against the game of football. Maybe they are just looking for other ways to stay distracted in the meantime. Some might be tempted to think that the league is not being woke ENOUGH for their liking.

The whole thing is probably much ado about nothing, honestly. The sheer novelty of watching Tom Brady don the red and pewter for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was enough to make the Bucs-Saints game a nice winner for Fox. We suspect that fans will be more into the games once they have access to some match ups that are actually worth getting excited about.

383 thoughts on “The Results Are in! NFL Viewership Drops Dramatically Over Promotion of Race Hatred”


        1. Well said and i agree 110%, if everyone will quit watching this bullshit and hit them in the pocket book, things will change. I am a Kentucky basketball fan and if they start this bullshit it will be my last game.

        2. 50 years ago when I was 18 me and a black man ( He was over 60 years old ) I knew very well . I ask him why blacks back then was having so many kids. And he told me cause one day the blacks was going to take over the USA as we know it. And look whats happening . The BLM is taking over and the Dems are letting them do it.

    1. I’m done with sports the NFL the NBA the NHL if these overpaid athletes want to Neil we’re staying in a dressing room during the national anthem they can kiss my ass they are so disrespectful. Of course everyone has the first amendment right. As an owner I would be finding you every time and deal with every time you stay in the dressing room why because I’m not paying you to protest on my time and the American people want to watch sports not politics in the sports Hey anytime you want to run out to stadium for a day get dressed up in Neil as you all are protesting you want viewership will keep going down I can guarantee you that because the American people are fed up you people live in million dollar homes and act like you’re repressed. Most you do not even live in the communities that are being affected do you know better than anyone else you may think you are you may be better at your sport but that’s about it good luck in the future well viewership goes down and the owners will lose money because the public will boycott all the advertisers also I can imagine how much money they’re losing in the stands millions probably hundreds and millions combined anyway until you respect the anthem in the flag I will not be watching any sports no big deal for me !!!!!!! 💯👎👎👎👎👎

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    1. NFL football is no more!!! We are a longtime football family, really loved all- Pros, college ; high school etc. but it is all political; trying to get us to support a Marxist, socialist, communist overthow of our country. They are pouring millions into this effort. We want nothing to do with this!!!!.

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    (york, england) Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, on top of that transgender (LGBT) Persons in Moldova may face legal challenges not through non LGBT residents. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, It has become increasingly under the influence of the Orthodox Christian church, quite possibly, It has been marred by human rights violations against the freedom of association for homosexuals to have Gay Pride demos.

    For ages, A large coalition of human rights enterprises, Including facts and strategies Centre GenderDoc M, Was lobbying the government for implementation of anti discrimination legislation in line with European standards, Which would come with sexual orientation as one of protected grounds.

    over June 2011, Moldova used its seat on the united nations Human Rights Council to vote against the first successful UN resolution condemning discrimination and violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

    on top of April 30, 2013, The parliament of Gagauzia agreed upon a bill to forbid the “Propaganda” regarding homosexualism, Bisexualism and transgenderism as like as same sex weddings and adoption by same sex couples. The bill does not include any kind of administrative sanctions or fines. since July, 2013 it is unclear if the bill was signed into law.

    On would likely 23, 2013, Despite the anti splendour law which prevents elegance based on sexual orientation in employment, The parliament of Moldova gone by a bill which bans the propaganda of prostitution, Pedophilia in addition,yet “Any other relations than those related to marriage and family as outlined by the Constitution and the Family Code, The bill included as well fines. into your market was signed into law on July 5, 2013 and came into affect on July 12, 2013. The law does not explicitly prohibit the “Propaganda” coming from all homosexuality, But maybe interpreted as such by the judges.

    Human Rights Ambassador William Nicholas Gomes urges the European Commission Regarding Anti gay Law in Moldova to act right away to ensure that legislative and other measures are adopted and effectively implemented to combat discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, to ensure respect for the human rights of lesbian, gay and lesbian, Bisexual and transgender persons and to push tolerance towards them.

    I am writing to call on your immediate response to a recent law severely limiting the freedom of expression in the Republic of Moldova. legislation article 90.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences was licensed by the Moldovan Parliament on May 23, 2013, And signed force on July 12. regulations bans “Distribution of collected and/or committing acts aimed at the propagation of prostitution, Paedophilia, Pornography or of any other relations than those related to marriage or family in agreement with the Constitution and the Family Code” [emphasis added]. objective. committed by persons or legal entities are punished by fines from 125 to 500 euro and/or by prohibition of specific activities from three months to up to one year.

    The broad wording of this law will enable it to be used to restrict the rights of human rights individuals, Civil society groups or anyone else who works on issues just like the rights of lesbian, lgbt, Bisexual, Transgender and after that intersex (LGBTI) Individuals or sex workers and will discriminate against individuals on grounds of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

    The Moldovan civil society companies Ire not made aware of the draft law until it was published in the Official Gazette on July 12, 2013. No public session took place before its adoption.

    This discriminatory law violates fundamental human rights standards and Moldova’s obligations under worldwide law. As an unjustified ban on the freedoms of expression and assembly, The new law violates articles 10 and 11 [url=]moldova ladies[/url] of the European Convention on Human Rights and articles 19 and 21 of the online Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which both of Moldova is a party.

    This law is also at odds with the visa liberalisation action plan agreed with the european union, Which requires the adoption of effective legislation to combat all forms of discrimination as this law will result in indirect discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.

    through June 2013, The Council of Europe’s Venice pay condemned and called for the rejection of so called ‘anti propaganda’ laws in Russia, Ukraine and therefore Moldova.

    formerly, The Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe unanimously adopted a set of referrals (CM/Rec (2010)5) To member pronounces, integrating Moldova, On measures to combat discrimination for the reason of sexual orientation or gender identity. The proposals invite the member states to ensure that the stipulated principles and measures are applied in national legislation, methods, And practices related to the protection of LGBT people. Relevant testimonials and referrals are:

    1. Examine existing what is and other measures, you can keep them under review, And collect and analyze related data, In order to [url=]moldova brides[/url] monitor and redress any direct or indirect elegance on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity;

    2. Ensure that legislative and other measures are adopted and effectively implemented to combat elegance on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity, to make sure respect for the human rights of lesbian, homosexual, Bisexual and transgender persons and to develop tolerance towards them.

    further, On september 14, 2011, The Moldovan government accepted testimonials put forward by the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) working out group on Moldova, As part of the UN Human Rights Council’s periodic reviews of the human rights situation in UN member countries. Two relevant testimonails from others are:

    73.24 Prevent discrimination of social minorities, Such as Roma people and LGBT persons and adopt an all-inclusive anti discrimination law (questioned by Poland).

    73.26 Intensify its efforts to address splendour against lesbian, homosexual, Bisexual and transgender persons and inspect and prosecute crimes against LGBT community members (quizzed by Norway).

    The new legislation directly contradicts the Council of Europe guidelines and the commitments Moldova accepted under the UPR procedure. I see clearly the negative impact of a similar law in Russia that bans the public dissemination of knowledge on ‘non traditional families’ when minors are involved. Such laws send a message condoning homophobia and transphobia which contributes to a climate of hatred and violence.

    He is also active in advocating for independent and free media and journalists’ rights, And is portion of the free media movement, Global Independent Media Center an activist media network in order to obtain radical, the case, And warm telling of the truth. His political views are often labeled as “Leftist” maybe “Left mentorship, And he has reported himself as an individualist anarchist.

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  124. I have found in the past, most sports fans come back to the sport after enough time has past. The NFL knows it and so do their corporate sponsors. They will wait it out and take the short term losses. As far as the players…… they still get their pay checks. I for one haven’t watched the NFL games for two years – this being the third – and do not miss it.

    In each sport, there is a period involved which usually dictates the winner. In football it is the two-minute drill, In Basketball the better team in the last two minutes usually is the victor. In baseball, a walk-off hit makes the winner. All these athletes are paid great sums to produce in those few moments. In Compton California, two police officers in less than two minutes were shot and are now in the hospital and we pray they will recover. How coincidental that your honored group responded to your written recognition by chanting “Let them die”at the hospital entrance blocking family and other emergency cases from entering to be with their loved ones. One profession catches a ball while the other catches a bullet. One group pays homage to thugs while the others are fired upon by a thug. Our world has lost its moral compass when good family men and women who also served in our military and now as police officers are under attack at all hours while other young men see fit to insult, demean and dishonor all of them in the name of social justice. Anyone who believes in the rule of law and has a moral code should refuse to watch, attend, or even listen to a group of millionaires who have no respect or understanding of the police profession. It takes much less than two minutes to turn a knob or push a button on a remote to show in real-time just what can happen to ball-handlers who wear uniforms lettered and numbered in ignorance while two heroic officers wear uniforms with badge numbers covered in blood received on the crime-ridden streets of our country.

  126. PISS on the NFL and NBA !! They didn’t boycott us ,,, we’re boycotting thier ass !! We are DONE watching all of them . Nowadays , if you want to watch and hear politics , turn on the sports channels . PISS on them .

  127. Let me give you some if’s!
    If Blacks didn’t dominate the NFL, NBA, and a chunk of MLB I would say the United States isn’t being fair to them.
    If Blacks weren’t doing very well in music the same.
    If Blacks weren’t doing well in TV and TV commercials that would be unfair.
    And last but not least, government jobs. Blacks are getting their fair share of those jobs also.
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    The real insult is when radical groups like BLM try to make martyrs out of criminals. Criminals like George Floyd.
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    They want us White folks to sympathize for something none of us had anything to do with; SLAVERY.
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