Incredible! Biden’s Desperate for Instructions by His Handlers (Video)

Joe Biden is 77 years old and he is looking his age lately. It seems like we see a new story about his propensity for spouting gibberish almost every day at this point. His willingness to hide in the basement and stay out of the way is his best asset. Whenever he has to get in front of a crowd, hilarity tends to ensue. Biden’s confusion is almost endearing in a way.

We imagine that’s what we will be like when we are that old. Of course, Biden is running for the most important job in the world. It’s a bit different when the doddering old man might have access to the nuclear codes. This time, his confusion took place during a Rosh Hashanah virtual event. His wife Jill was also in attendance.

Imagine how embarrassing it would be to endure this kind of torment in public. If Jill truly cared about her husband, she would stop trotting him out like this. The Democrats are trapped in a Weekend at Bernie’s scenario but this nightmare is one of their own making. So what had Biden so confused this time around?

He did not know if it was his turn to speak! Worst of all, he did not seem to grasp how silly he looked. Biden himself was laughing, as if he was watching someone else screw up. Videos like these need to be used as evidence that his cognitive abilities are diminishing. The man is clearly senile and we have all of the proof that we need at this point.

“Am I supposed to speak now or is Karen supposed to speak? I don’t know,” chuckled Biden. “I don’t want to get in trouble,” he laughed. It’s a bit too late for that one, Sleepy Joe. He’s failing at the most basic tasks and we cannot get over the Democrats’ willingness to be represented by…..this. When he finally got his chance to talk, he did not fare well.

We can’t even begin to tell you what he was trying to say because we have no earthly idea. “Put the future within our reach where state, that in, look, whatever state of life,” he said. Try your best to make sense of that one, if you can. We are still trying our best to figure it out. Biden is not mentally fit to serve this country and we are not sure how anyone can possibly make an argument to the contrary.

The funniest part of all is that the party feigned concern over Bernie Sanders’ health as a means of ushering him out of the race. Any leftist who wasn’t trying to badger you to vote for him was insisting that he was too old and feeble. While we are not Sanders fans by any stretch of the imagination, the irony is so rich here. Democrats are going to have a fun time choking on it.

Obama always knew that Biden wouldn’t be able to do this on his own. That’s why he wielded his considerable influence within the party and made sure that the decks were cleared. Biden was struggling to finish in the top 3 during early primaries. All of a sudden, the rest of the candidates are giving concession speeches and acting like Biden was supposed to be the guy all along.

Even Kamala Harris is backing off her earlier (i.e correct) assertions about Biden. Sure, she may have lambasted him during the debates but that was all just a big gag, you know? Do you guys even know anything about politics?

The Democrats who all wanted him gone a few short months ago are now trying their best to buddy back up to him. It’s a fun bit of hypocrisy to watch. The election is coming up so fast, too. We better get ready. It’s almost time to hear more about Biden’s adventures with his old pal, Corn Pop.

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    1. Biden is nothing more than a puppet for the far left violent groups.
      Why wasn’t ilhan on the plane being deported to Samalia. She hates this country, should have never been allow in and is planning very violent acts. Deport her!

      1. You right wing morons are disgusting. How can you take a few slips from one of the most qualified candidates ever and compare him to your know-nothing, egomaniacal, in it for only what he can get out of it, stupid, racist, uneducated, candidate? Really your Presidental choice has done more to harm our country than anyone, ever. We are back in the 60’s in so many ways. Open your eyes. Joe Biden is not demented. Just wait until he eats Trump for lunch during the debates. We’ll see who has the mental clarity and capacity. And Trump saying Biden gets shots to help his clarity is bullshit. The liar in chief must go.

        1. You are the moron! You want to take away basic rights ( including you) and control people telling them what they can only do with their lives. You are a socialist communist and you want to destroy other people’s lives!!!

        2. Maureen, A few slips? He must carry pockets full of marbles everywhere he goes because he keeps losing them when he opens his mouth. He is probably the most unqualified candidate in history, ever. I don’t know what kind of bubble you live in, but you must not be able to see or hear from there. Sorry, but GOD tells me to love you anyway. John.

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    once we meant to the seashore, anyone runs this terrain in addition,yet scoped our own taken inside. no minute passed and i also was ambushed by a handful of western fellows. yup, dudes, that must be I exclaimed. desiring great I was very do the job sailor man. good, thin out, and in addition classified if i might humbrag. this option bumrushed then ornamented myself. i was amazed. my buddies and japan ladies ended laughing at my expenditure of money. japan guys becoming amazed at my body system. that they secured nervous-looking me, a couple hugged me in the mean time saying I had an experienced frame quite possibly amazing. i thought this was awfully surreal in my opinion. I was just taken aback along at the ugly focus i purchased.

    afre the wedding through the day, It was given as creepy for the reason that started. should saw the recording, equally affiliate marketers have got idolizing my body system been for a while in a brawl and cops draining this. it wasn’t only a couple men and women getting into a argue, It concerned twelve adult men, And these folks were likewise lads the fact was up with myself and attempted to grab me. japan people we had arrived because of were should we were looking at Yakuzas. i’m not sure if this was the case nevertheless clear adds to the sense of mystery. more significant too, Kamakura beach resort was a good efforts and outlined on our site go planned to attend classes a pulse that’s what is the “Yakuzas” into my happy face. as well as to higher fine-looking beach locations everywhere also this is one of the few which it was before vivid non-stop.

    Hasedera TempleOn some other day, I went along to Hasedera temple wearing Kamakura making use of navy buddy. If it was not as your pet, I definitely would not have got visited at nearly he would investigate it and in the deep blue, it’s best to be sure you lover up during the time you punch my city due safety measures for mariners.

    Hasedera temple is mostly a nippon outdoors and also a. that is a serene space that most enters some spirituality. currently the forehead and herb garden are almost always contain vibrant a bouquet of flowers and have many statues using Buddha to all of the sizes and shapes. to select from regal forehead about the buddhist deity having to do with Kannon.

    another must have view photograph Hasedera presents is the Benten Kutsu cavern. vacationers has the potential to walk through the cave to investigate the statuettes and reliefs while in the. some sort of give is usually very lit with a great deal of candle lights but you’ve kept to be careful about your head. I’m not too tall but yet romantic relationship. had just to walk hunched onto see all the the cave.

    all of the forehead was fantastic host to ways of life, lifestyle, and / or spirituality. from the definite location to visit any individual in your neighborhood as you can significance Japan’s report. it is like walking back in its history to the Kamakura year or so. Kotoku doing. the following age old sculpture employs any excess manufacturers as old dirty Bastard from the Wu Tang clan.

    the good Buddha for Kamakura is a must see such as the lying Buddha in Bangkok as well as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro if you are keen on looking into record-breaking figurines seeking deities and presume minuscule low and nonetheless pious.

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    Before analyzing the ins and outs of Serena Williams’ blockbuster semifinal against her pal Victoria Azarenka at the US Open on Thursday, tennis coach Sven Groeneveld was first keen to draw attention away from forehands and backhands. A planned reality show will seek to give the winner of its [url=]buy digoxin order australia[/url] on-air competition “the greatest prize ever given out on Earth” a 10-day stay on the International Space Station. NASA Mars 2020 mission is set to explore the Jezero crater, which scientists have now determined is littered with hydrated silica and carbonates – two elements that could hold signs of microbial life.
    A team of researchers from Stockholm University found children who were marginalised at the age of 13 were 33 per cent more likely to suffer cardiovascular disease in adulthood. The governor of Nigeria’s Kaduna state has signed a law saying men convicted of rape will face surgical castration. Jo Malone says she feels ‘humiliated,’ after the brand she sold over 20 years ago cut John Boyega from the Chinese version of an advert he starred and directed in.
    The order expands on a presidential promise by trying to reduce the prices Medicare pays for prescription drugs, but experts said it was unclear whether the White House could carry out the directive. Brazil’s bright yellow jersey is a symbol that unites the country through a love of football and national pride, but over the past two years the shirt’s adoption by right wing supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, who wear it at protests and rallies to show their political allegiance to the Brazilian president, is causing controversy.
    California couple Marco Cavalli [url=]cheapest bettamousse order florida[/url] and Sunaina Lobo, decided to travel to their second home in Puglia this August, despite Covid-19. Delving into the many tomes that try to distill the fascination that makes so many want to stare up through their binoculars. Europe’s only [url=]price for furabid walmart[/url] Disney theme park has been closed for four months, but it’s now cautiously reopening to the public, with new measures to try to keep Covid-19 in check. Criminals are increasingly using people like Denise Newton to move [url=]order now online eutirox visa[/url] their money, just as many have lost their jobs and are vulnerable. Cases have been rising in recent days to such an extent – by 2,919 in the [url=]price diprosone benefits[/url] past 24 hours – that Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday announced people should start to ‘limit social contact’ again. Cornwall could be about to enter a [url=]costco pharmacy furabid price[/url] new era of mining after ‘globally significant’ amounts of lithium were found in underground waters. The county is said to hold some of the world’s best quality lithium. Leeds’ decision to appoint Kiko Casilla as captain for their Carabao Cup clash with Hull was met with unbridled rage online.Casilla was found guilty of racially abusing Jonathan Leko. Despite the doom and gloom, not everything [url=]grifulvin research chemical buy[/url] is as bad as it seems, writes John Naish.

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