Seattle City Council Jumps into Bed With Terror as They Override Mayor’s Veto

After Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkin saw first-hand what Black Lives Matter people all were about, she quickly changed her vote from defunding the police to leaving them alone. The movement that she started months ago has finally come back to bite her as the City Council decided to vote and overthrow her veto of a bill that defunds the police.

The City Council thinks that they know what is best for the people. These are the same dummies that hired personal bodyguards because they were afraid for their safety after coming out and supporting the terror that was flooding through Seattle’s streets.

They all stood behind Durkin when she voiced her hatred of the police. But now that she has seen that the beloved BLM group murders kids and treats everyone like the enemy, she is singing a silently different tune.

The contested bill was put into force after the council voted 7-2 to overturn a veto. The police are going to lose $3 million of their enforcement budget. BLM supporter Council President Lorena Gonzalez justified her support by saying, “We cannot look away from this and we can no longer accept the status quo if we truly believe that Black lives matter.” She must have forgotten that BLM killed a black child just days into their reign of terror. So those lives really do not matter to them.

The bill is going to see 100 officers lose their jobs and will limit their salary to $150,000 per year. The council is opening up Seattle real estate for criminals to come in and terrorize people. And like every other city that defunded the police, there is going to be a rise in crime.

When the crime gets too high, the council will blame the mayor and the police for letting it happen. When they are the ones that are genuinely at fault. This bill is just one cut that is aimed at the police department. Their goal is to shrink the budget by 50 percent. That is enough to cripple law enforcement in the city.

The first step in shutting down the police was for the council to force the police chief out of office. They cut her pay so much that she had to retire. Ironically, the police chief was the first black police chief ever in the history of the city. Her life must not matter much to the council, or else they would have left him alone.

The council also voted to change the bill and keep funds from being used to help communities that need it. Gonzalez went on to make no sense as she stated, “Everyone deserves to feel safe … Countless videos of Black and brown lives lost here in Seattle and across the country shows us that not everyone feels safe. We need public safety that’s centered on harm reduction, not the status quo…When I look back in this moment of time, I want to be able to tell my daughter, who I’m currently holding in my arms, that I did the right thing and that I voted on the right side of history.”

The council is blind to the reality of their situation. Their move to kick out law and order is going to blow up in their faces as they will be attacked by criminals seeking to kill them all. None of the council members that voted to overturn the veto fully understand what is about to sweep through the city. And by the time they do anything about, more people will have been killed because of their actions.

President Trump is the law and order president. In every place that a Republican is serving, there has not been one riot. There has not been one attempt to attack law enforcement by taking away their funds.

But in every Democratically controlled area, there have been riots. There is an increase in crime to the point that murders and gun violence are out of control. The only way for these areas to see peace is for the people to vote the true Democratic criminals out of office. November is going to be a significant victory for every conservative in America as the liberals lose their power one vote at a time.

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