Brazil’s President Rips Into Biden for Threatening Amazon

Joe Biden made a grave mistake during the first presidential debate – and the president of Brazil is fully prepared to make sure that he knows it, too. The Trump administration has worked hard to develop a great working relationship with Brazil – and neither Trump nor President Bolsonaro is going to watch Biden tear it down.

Biden wants to show how much he cares about climate control so much that he decided to bring the Amazon rain forests into the mix. He threatened Brazil with a sanction if he became president as a way to ensure the Amazon rain forest is protected.

President Bolsanaro was having none of it – and began ripping into Biden on Twitter immediately following the debate. You know it’s serious when the various talking points are numbered. Perhaps the most important aspect was put into caps: OUR SOVEREIGNTY IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Basically, Bolsanaro isn’t going to let Biden stand on a stage and talk a bunch of crap about how Brazil isn’t getting the job done when it comes to protecting the Amazon.

Brazil is under a new regime thanks to the significant efforts that President Bolsanaro has done. He has gone to great lengths to protect the Amazon and safeguard the environment. He has also said that he has cooperated with the U.S. and welcomes input, which has allowed for sustainable development and investments.

Trump and Bolsanaro have negotiated and are in a good place. Biden’s comments, however, already demonstrate that those same negotiations may not go so well if he were to get into power.

Bolsanaro talks about the “greed” that some countries have toward the Amazon. They believe that they are entitled to the rain forests, whether it’s for protection or destruction. The “explicit demonstration” that Biden demonstrated is a “clear sign of contempt” according to Bolsanaro – and that could lead to an inability to coexist. Basically, the Brazilian president may no longer want to cooperate with the US if Biden is going to step into office and get greedy.

Biden hasn’t even managed to get into office yet and he’s pissing off other countries. He has clearly not bothered to do any research before speaking – or he’d know that Trump and Bolsanaro have been working well together – and that the Amazon has more protection around it than it has had in years.

Perhaps Biden doesn’t realize that when he talks on national TV, it can be viewed from anywhere in the world. He has to do better than this if he plans on holding public office again. The only thing he has managed to do is prove why he shouldn’t hold public office.

Then again, this is Joe Biden – a politician who has been serving the country for over four decades. If he hasn’t been able to bring about anything significant during that time, why would we think he can do anything great in the next four years?

Biden has made a career of being on the wrong side of foreign policy. He stands on the opposite side of what would be right for our country.

Bolsanaro listed out six points of what he thought about Biden and his ramblings about climate control. To even mention the Amazon was over-stepping since it’s not part of the United States. However, Biden said that he could pay $20 billion to stop the destruction of the Amazon. Brazil is not for sale. Bolsanaro’s sovereignty is not for sale – and making threats about economic sanctions is not the way to handle foreign policy. Yet, Biden is a Dem and they’re used to making threats instead of negotiating.

Brazil-US relations are good now – but they will inevitably fall if Biden were to get into office. It’s why it’s important that he doesn’t win the election. Otherwise, foreign policy, in general, will fall.

President Bolsanaro sums it up the best by saying, “What a shame, Mr. Joe Biden! What a shame.” Indeed.

228 thoughts on “Brazil’s President Rips Into Biden for Threatening Amazon”

      I BELIEVE BIDEN IS MISSING A FEW NUTS IN HIS BRAIN. HE MAKES NO SENSE AT ALL. I BELIEVE HE WILL BE INDICTED IN THE RUSSIA.TRUMP INVESTIGATION. NOTE: I did not notice I was writing in all caps. I was not shouting in this comment. I apologize.

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