And More Biden Supporters Going on a Looting Spree – This Time in Milwaukee (Videos)

More riots took place in Milwaukee last night, as another decision came down that the leftists did not like. When an officer was cleared of wrongdoing in an incident that took place in January, these citizens took to the streets. As usual, it did not take long before the protests took a more violent turn. Officers are simply not safe on the American streets anymore.

Wauwatosa was the initial site of the riots. This suburb is located 10 minutes west of Milwaukee. A Speedway coffee station was toppled over during the commotion. The rioters were not content to damage a gas station, though. Many of them were shown with guns, shattering windows and causing a sizable amount of unrest.

Livestreamer Brendan Gutenschwager (also known as BGOnTheScene on Twitter) was on hand. Rocks were being thrown through the windows of various homes, even as others who were on the scene were begging them to stop. These are the people who do everything in their power to make sure that the riots are violent. The protesters who are truly trying to make their voices heard can’t appreciate this.

So why were these riots taking place? Local officer Joseph Mensah was cleared of any wrongdoing for the fatal shooting of Alvin Cole in January. The officer who was involved in the shooting and the victim were both black men. The district attorney’s office has investigated the matter and they are not going to be proceeding any further.

“I do not believe that the state could disprove self-defense or defense of others in this case and therefore could not meet the burden required to charge Officer Mensah,” read the statement from the DA’s office. None of this matters to the rioters who are committed to tearing the streets apart as soon as they receive some news that they do not like.

The riots are still ongoing and we will provide any information that we have as soon as possible. The liberals are allowing their feelings to control them once again and this is what happens when they do. They are not willing to wait for all of the facts to come in before they decide to start rioting. The protests never remain peaceful because this is not the objective.

These crowds are looking to intimidate and threaten anyone that stands in their way. Is this the way that they are planning to get what they want? In most instances, you are always going to catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Do these people ever stop to think about the folks that they are menacing?

Many of them are probably on the same side, for all intents and purposes. Imagine how infuriating it would be to be sitting in your home, sending thoughts and prayers to the protesters….only for one of them to send a rock through your window. It would be enough for us to change our minds pretty quickly, to be quite honest. It’s sad that they do not see it that way, though.

The Democrats are probably going to do everything in their power to make sure that the protests are called “peaceful”. The mainstream media will also be on hand to help craft the narrative. If we are being real with you, we haven’t really seen much coverage about all of this unpleasantness. The media sources who are clearly pro-rioter know that they cannot spin this one to their favor.

Our hearts go out to all those who are affected by these issues. There are lots of residents who are being forced to live in fear. Does anyone want to think about them or would they rather offer up the same platitudes where they pretend to be on the rioters’ side? This is a question that needs to be answered as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the Obama and Biden supporters are going to continue to overrun our nation’s cities.

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