Over 30,000 Cars Showed Their Support for Trump in Miami

South Florida Latinos are standing with President Trump and we have the proof. Former residents of Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba who are residing in the region know how good they have it. That’s why they are not looking to hand the office over to Joe Biden. They know about the dangers of communism and socialism on a firsthand level.

Why would these folks ever be excited for Biden and Harris when they have already escaped these terrible living conditions? Saturday’s anti-Communist, Latinos for Trump caravan gave these folks the chance to show the world how they really feel. “THOUSANDS of cars at today’s #AntiCommunist Caravan in #Miami supporting FREEDOM for #Cuba #Venezuela #Nicaragua WE SUPPORT @realDonaldTrump because he STANDS with US! #KAG #Trump2020,” tweeted Rey Anthony.

According to estimates that were provided by the Miami Police Department, 30,000 vehicles are estimated to have participated. This is the sort of enthusiasm that you simply cannot fake. Rey Anthony provided the translation of the department’s tweet, for anyone who does not speak Spanish.

The pictures of the crowds are inspiring. The Trump supporters remained peaceful through each step of the process. They were able to gather without incident, which is what more Americans should be striving for. Every event that takes place does not have to devolve into violence. You are not going to see any word of this in the media but that is okay.

Some of us do not have to be spoon-fed by the mainstream media to believe in the president’s message. While the liberals who control the media would have everyone believe that anyone who supports Trump is somehow racist, these clips and photos go a long way toward disproving his notion. These folks are doing their best to ensure that Florida remains red.

“The media won’t talk about it, but there are THOUSANDS of Miami residents out in a car parade right now for @realDonaldTrump!! Cuban Americans will KEEP FLORIDA RED, help re-elect TRUMP, AND KEEP REPUBLICAN MAJORITIES TO SAVE AMERICA,” Christian J. Lasval tweeted. He’s definitely right about the media not wanting to talk about what is taking place here.

And he’s not the only one.

They would rather continue to spread the false narratives that have been plaguing the election cycle. “We lost our homeland we don’t want to lose America,” concluded Rey Anthony and this is the type of passion that we like to see. Anyone who wants to keep America great is sure to be encouraged by the outpouring of support that took place here.

In addition to the good news about the weekend caravan, President Trump will be visiting Central Florida. This will be his first rally ever since he received a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. Residents of the region are definitely going to be happy to see him. He’s been trying his best to get back out on the campaign trail and anyone who knows Trump knows how determined he can be in these types of scenarios.

The president likes to project an aura of toughness. It’s how he has been able to handle all of the slings and arrows that are being sent his way. While some presidents may have used their illness as an excuse to remain indoors, Trump knows the importance of being able to get outside and press the flesh. Of course, Sleepy Joe Biden is already making his feelings known about the potential rally. He does not think that Trump should be traveling right now.

That’s because he does not want to see his lead in the polls dwindle once Trump has the chance to speak for himself publicly. Florida has already drawn its line in the sand and we hope that Trump is able to spread the word about the awesome caravan that took place over the weekend. Perhaps this would be the time for one of his patented attention-grabbing tweets. The Democrats would not have any idea what to do with themselves.

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