Forty Percent of America Actually Likes Socialism

The United States of America, since its founding, has been a Democratic, and as is typical of that government type, a capitalist nation. However, as time continues to take us away from the years when Americans still remembered why we made our nation that way, it would seem some citizens would rather see it become something like that of our enemies’ countries.

And the latest annual report on U.S. Attitudes Towards Socialism, Communism, and Collectivism by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation or VOC only confirms that. According to their findings, a good portion of our young people are seriously considering trading in capitalism for socialism, and all that implies.

Per the VOC, “This year’s study showed increased favorability of the term ‘socialism’ (49%) among Gen Z compared to 2019 (40%). Opinions on capitalism declined slightly from 2019 to 2020 among all Americans (58% to 55%), with Gen Z (ages 16-23) slightly up (49% to 52%) and Millennials (ages 24-39) down 50% to 43%). 35% of Millennials and 31% of Gen Z support the gradual elimination of the capitalist system in favor of a more socialist system.”

But while this is scary in and of itself, it is not the only concerning information the study provided.

In addition to views on socialism improving over the last year, the opinions of our current president, Donald Trump, went down among those generations. Many even have gone so far as to call him “the greatest threat to world peace.”

According to the study’s findings, “34% of Gen Z and 35% of Millennials see him as the greatest threat to world peace, up 8& ad 7% from 2019, respectively.” And roughly the same percentages were held when talking about Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Some (39% of Gen Z and 32% of Millennials) even believe he is more responsible for the virus becoming a pandemic than China’s Xi Jinping!

And when it comes to opinions of inequality, 68% of Americans now think that our highest earners don’t “pay their fair share. Among these Americans, 57% of Gen Z and 60%) of Millennials favor a complete change in our economic system away from capitalism – a 14% and 8% increase from 2019, respectively.”

The word ‘scary’ hardly does this justice. In fact, I am plum terrified at these findings.

Although I do have a few questions. As most of you probably do, I wonder how the most pandered to generations in our history have come up with such a viewpoint. I mean, these kids are literally given just about anything and everything. And yet, it’s apparently not good enough.

Instead, they want to move to a financial system that would give them even more, and one that would coincidently take away many of their freedoms.

My question is: do they know that? Do they actually understand how socialism works and honestly see it as better for American capitalism? Or are they basing their opinions on what the political left has told them: that if socialism is implemented, they will get free everything and all on the government’s dime?

The answer to this, Executive Director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, Marion Smith, says no.

She doesn’t believe they do understand what it really means or the consequences. And she blames the American school system for the most part. And she’s not wrong.

Most of you likely remember history being taught as it actually happened, for the most part. We were taught the good, the bad, and the ‘we probably should have done something else.’ No, capitalism isn’t perfect, but it offers our citizens the most freedom by allowing them to dream big and work to accomplish those dreams.

However, in more recent years, and if you’re a parent of a Millennial or Gen Z child, you already know this, the schools aren’t what they used to be. Instead of classes about civic duties, government, and our founding fathers, we have ones that cater to the ‘correct’ use of pronouns, gender sensitivity, and equity over equality.

They aren’t taught so much about the proud things our nation has done but about the horrors that lie in our past. And it has led a great many of our young to view America and its leaders in a bad light.

Of course, the media and popular culture that seems to be moving in that direction hasn’t helped.

If we are to change this direction at all, we have to begin to really teach our children again, making sure that while they are free to create their own viewpoints, they understand there are consequences to jumping into things without knowledge.

273 thoughts on “Forty Percent of America Actually Likes Socialism”

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      1. You are more kind that I would be. I have said for months now, if people want to live in a Socialist or Communist country, let’s give them a One-Way Ticket with a sign that reads “NO RETURNS” . If they want to live in the USA, they will have to prove themselves & be very educated to the history of our country to includes a good CIVICS course & pass tests to show they know what they have learned plus write an essay on why they would appreciate being a citizen of the USA, the greatest nation on the globe with a true Democracy that is fair to everyone with endless opportunities to succeed. Someone blamed the schools. I blame the parents & the breakdown of the family home and denials from parents who spoil their children rotten to the point where they expect everything to be handed to them on silver platter!

      2. Nancy, You are correct. I spent 4 years in Cuba 1960-64, (Leward point) got to know some of the locals allowed to work on the base, None of them liked Castro, None! They told me some stories that still scare me, like Castros men would show up and take a family member away, constant patrols, no x-mas, no easter, etc.

    1. These idiots need to leave the United States, and go to any 3rd World country that is socialistic and their wishes can be met; and not ruin our country!!!!!!

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  21. Anyone who believes that socialism is good needs to spend some time checking out Russia prior to 1983. If you have never lived with socialism, you have absolutely no idea what that entails! THE GOVERNMENT OWNS YOU LOCK, STOCK AND BARREL. If you think you have oppression now, just hope and pray that the demoncraps get into a power position after November 3rd.

    These kids of today have been totally brainwashed by the liberal Education Department. They are totally ignorant and believe what is being fed them… just like a bunch of sheep. God Help us

  22. Germany is a “socialist” country… When the hordes were coming of illegals into their country the German govt immediateluy kicked thousands of German citizens out of their homes…. tho many were famiyy .. living in their family homes.. But as a Socialist country they do not OWN them. The Govt does. We in this country have failed miserablyy educating our childrens how hard our fore fathers worked.. bled, died, to give us a Great Republic. One with laws. Rights of live , grow, build, Our constitution. Heaven help us if we lose this Republic.

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