Lockdowns Set to Kill More People Because of the Harm It Causes Psychologically

The CDC has said for months that people need to stay home in order to stop the pandemic. When the new virus came out, panic set in, and all sorts of rules and regulations spanned the globe. The CDC led the way with the WHO and insisted that people stay home. But now it seems that their initial decision was wrong, and now they are telling people not to stay home or more deaths can happen.

For years the CDC has followed the same set of rules in order to navigate people through the dangerous avenues that can kill people. But when COVID-19 came into the world, the CDC, throughout all known rationales, did things differently.

The CDC stated that COVID did not have to be the underlying cause of one’s death. If a person had cancer and COVID at the same time, and the patient died, their death would be ruled COVID related and not from cancer. All the people had to do was have the virus, and that would be their cause of death.

There is no set standard worldwide for how to record deaths from COVID-19. In Singapore, the virus can only be the cause if the person had pneumonia. That would drop the United States’ total to around 90,000 if the same rules were followed. The nation would just shrug off the deaths as a year of bad illnesses.

In places such as Florida, there were 1,489 deaths that stated the virus was just a part of other conditions that led to the person’s death. The data clearly shows that the viral deaths are inflated. The Democrats and liberals have used the virus for their own sinful purposes by pushing fear.

There is a lot of math that is trying to be thought through to determine just how many deaths are viral related. It behooved the hospitals well to mark deaths as COVID-19 because they got paid more for them than they did for other deaths.

The records from the CDC are not a tell-tale sign of what is right around the world. But they do show that Alzheimer’s deaths are up by over 32,000 and diabetes deaths were over 12,000. The CDC says that the lack of care for these patients because of the virus resulted in excess deaths from other sources.

These people were kept from receiving the care that they needed because they were locked down. They had medical care, but that is not enough, according to the CDC. People need interaction and care from their families and friends. The patients basically died from loneliness.

There is a mountain of evidence that the virus interrupted normal medical care for millions of people. People that suffered from heart attacks, cancer, and many other ailments were skipped for medical care because the doctors and nurses were scared about contracting the virus. So the basic care that they would give came to a screeching halt.

The CDC maintains that as COVID-19 disappears, the rise in deaths from lockdowns and all the effects of it will last for years to come. The virus was handled very differently than all other viral attacks of the past. The liberal run organizations panicked and gave advice that was unfounded and unproven. They should have stuck to what worked in the past.

For months the Democrats blamed the president for the infections and viral outbreaks. Biden blamed the president even when the same virus was affecting countries all around the world. The Democrats made the virus a matter of politics because it was an election year. They used it to cover their methods of ballot fraud and cheating schemes.

The methods of containing and treating new viruses changed this year. It has proven that these new methods will have drastic effects for years to come. The Democrats pushed fear and caused massive panic for people right before an election. President Trump did what was best for the country, regardless of what others may think. He alone has saved thousands of lives that cannot be measured by political means. It will be seen through the growth and development of the years to come.

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