Media in Full-Blown Panic Mode as Barr Moves In

The prosecutors are combing the countryside looking for any case of fraud that was committed in the 2020 election. Attorney General Bill Barr has stepped up to the plate to determine what exactly the Democrats are guilty of in this election. Now that the challenge has been accepted, the media is starting to attack the investigation to make it unnecessary.

The media should be the first to realize that no one on the liberal side has anything to worry about if there is nothing to find. Joe Biden and his socialist crew think they have the election in the bag, but this is going to be a time in history when the unexpected is going to happen.

William Barr has told his prosecutors to be fair. He also stated that “nothing here should be taken as any indication that the Department has concluded that voting irregularities have impacted the outcome of any election.” The Department of Justice is going to do their job regardless of which political party comes out on top.

He stated that “such inquiries and reviews may be conducted if there are clear and apparently-credible allegations of irregularities that, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of a federal election in an individual state.” But he acknowledges that the possibility of overturning a decision can and might just happen.

He noted that “While it is imperative that credible allegations be addressed in a timely and effective manner, it is equally imperative that Department personnel exercise appropriate caution and maintain the Department’s absolute commitment to fairness, neutrality and non-partisanship.”

Once the investigation is complete, no side will be able to point the finger at the Department of Justice and cry foul. The Democrats may try to claim foul as they did with the Mueller report, but there is no basis for their claims other than they cheated and want the victory.

In an interesting turn of events, Richard Pilger, who is the department’s top prosecutor, is stepping down because of the memo. He is acting like he has a part in the fraud that took place. Barr stated that only “credible irregularities” were going to be looked at. He is acting like Barr is going to stumble onto something much larger than just a few misplaced ballots.

Biden’s media tried to downplay the investigation by stating, “The attorney general has previously been supportive of Trump’s unfounded claims about voter fraud, and this latest move comes during an incredibly tense time and could inflame an already fraught transition. President-elect Joe Biden is beginning his transition into office while Trump and his administration refuse to recognize the former vice president’s victory, making baseless claims about voter fraud and illegal votes that threaten to undermine the bedrock of American government.”

CNN does not want the investigations because they know that the media will have to answer for their support of a crooked criminal once it is finished. The Democrats have all but tried to move past the claims, hoping that time would bury the issue. But the president is not giving up because the people of the country deserve a fair outcome.

Joe Biden should be one to welcome the investigation if there is truly nothing to hide. But he knows that there is, and he is hoping that Barr finds nothing. He knows that his victory is going to be short-lived once the truth is made known.

Democrats are reeling at the prospect of an investigation into their activities. Their call to defund the police only opens them up to suspicion. People know that they lie and cheat. It is just a matter of time before they are caught on a national level.

Biden wants to see the election called and President Trump bow out. They want it now because they know the longer things continue to be looked at, the more chance they will be discovered. They cannot take the chance.

President Trump said all along to keep an eye on the Democrats. They were going to try and hijack the election. He has been right in everything so far, so there is no reason to think that he is wrong with this issue.

203 thoughts on “Media in Full-Blown Panic Mode as Barr Moves In”

      1. Hey Gail, Hillary called and wanted you to also push Russia being involved. Said she would do it herself, but realized most people are tired of hearing her, and since she has enough minions out there already-you would do it for her.

      2. And he’s done that with this overwhelming evidence that the main stream media are is not reporting because they know it’s true and now they’re going to try to attack the investigation saying it’s unnecessary the Democrats must think people are stupid wake up and smell the coffee people Trump was robbed

        1. Yes he sure was robbed. There is no way in hell that Biden won this election. Everyone I have talked to say they voted for Trump. We The People want this taken care of immediately. TRUMP

      3. Trump does not have to prove it. In some cases, the proof is eye witnesses represented by attorneys. In a blatant violation of the state law in Pennsylvania, the leftist Democrat Secy of State issued an order extending the time for mail-in ballots and a state judge in PA slapped down the extension. Each case is different.

      4. I believe you are mistaken. It is not up to President Trump to prove anything before the Justice Department takes up an investigation. Just like the house did not need to prove anything before they called for the Russia Probe, The Collusion Probe, and the Quid Pro Quo Probe, all of which all failed to prove anything other than congressional disregard for truth and justice, and of course the facts.

      5. When there are more votes counted for a county than registered voters in that county and it is consistent across counties in the state then the DOJ should get involved, Gail. That alone is unlawful and the locals aren’t going to do a thing apparently.

        Barr wants the voting to be fair and not disenfranchise the REAL voters with BS votes to add to the miasma of this state’s voting rules illegal changes and dirty voter rolls, etc.. And that should be part of the agenda of the DOJ. It is not an accuser thing it is a legal count thing. And it is a bell ringer for fraud.

        IE: And the clue was in the registered numbers versus the number counted and voting that impacts that county.and triggers the investigation. Get it?

      6. You are afraid of the outcome! These dirty rotten democrats have a history of doing anything to win. When our once great country becomes a third world country people like you will be complaining the loudest. You and your party are a sick abomination.

        1. The fraud is being played out on this site. The liberals are trying to post garbage , so much so there isn’t any room for our posts. TRUMP 12 more years, at least.

          1. Oh thank God. The headline says 191 thoughts on “Media in Full Blown Panic…”
            Nine of the 11 thoughts displayed above are so stupid and cultish I couldn’t have kept reading anyway!!!

        1. I believe that Trymp’s lawyers will take this to court, because Bar had the opportunity to do something about it when the Russia’s coup, but he did nothing. All of this is in part his fault. If he has arrested them we wouldn’t have this problem. I ask, what the Demo have on Bar? that he doesn’t do anything about it. Maybe he is scare of them.

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  46. I have never seen so much GARBAGE posted on a site as I have on this one. The GIBERISH from these trolls is astonishing . They don’t want to let you have your opinion , Trump is our real PRESIDENT !! I would vote for 12 more years of Trump.

  47. The only way democrats can win is by cheating, rigging voting machines, Fake Mail in Ballets and the union thugs who no one should be afraid of. The unions intimated many of there members by keeping them out of work, loss of benefits and being black listed. I know for the unions did this to me and many others who were forced to retire early or lose everything.

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