Just as Promised! Biden Makes Good on His Lockdown Promise

The election may still be in dispute but that has not stopped Joe Biden from starting to put together his own COVID-19 task force. Dr. Michael Osterholm is one of the medical personnel who has already been announced. Dr. Osterholm is now suggesting that there needs to be a 4 to 6-week lockdown, with the government footing the bill for all of the lost wages.

He believes that cases are on the rise because people have gotten tired of social distancing and wearing their masks. Dr. Osterholm refers to this as a form of “pandemic fatigue”. Now that the weather is getting colder, more and more people are spending time together indoors. This allows the virus to spread more easily.

He believes that the national lockdown would drive hospitalization levels to something more manageable and keep new infection numbers low. “We could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies or city, state, county governments. We could do all of that,” Osterholm said. “If we did that, then we could lockdown for four-to-six weeks.”

If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Dr. Osterholm wrote a piece for the New York Times back in August. “We believe the choice is clear. We can continue to allow the coronavirus to spread rapidly throughout the country or we can commit to a more restrictive lockdown, state by state, for up to six weeks to crush the spread of the virus to less than one new case per 100,000 people per day,” he said at the time.

“To successfully drive down our case rate to less than one per 100,000 people per day, we should mandate sheltering in place for everyone but the truly essential workers. By that, we mean people must stay at home and leave only for essential reasons: food shopping and visits to doctors and pharmacies while wearing masks and washing hands frequently.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, 39 percent of workers in the United States are in essential categories. The problem with the March-to-May lockdown was that it was not uniformly stringent across the country. For example, Minnesota deemed 78 percent of its workers essential. To be effective, the lockdown has to be as comprehensive and strict as possible,” he continued.

At the moment, there is no one who can tell him that this is a bad idea with a straight face. COVID-19 cases are rising dramatically throughout the country. The entire nation is being hit hard and maps indicate that the spread is largely uncontrolled. At the moment, the collective goal should be a simple one: making it to the vaccine without racking up any more deaths.

This seems like a reasonable thing to debate. Of course, there is good news to report. As doctors and medical facilities learn more about how to treat the virus, the death rate decreases. Pfizer’s recent reports about the effectiveness of their experimental shots are also providing the nation with a much-needed boost.

So what’s the problem here? Joe Biden’s silly commentary about shutting down the virus without shutting down the economy. Sure, the American people can be paid for their time but what happens to the businesses that are forced to shut down for four to six weeks? They won’t be able to resume normal business hours without taking a hit. Perhaps this lockdown is completely unavoidable at the moment.

After all, it’s a choice between keeping things open and watching the hospitals become horribly overrun with new COVID-19 patients. The choices here are not great but Biden needs to start being honest about that, instead of acting like a second lockdown is a no brainer. Either way, Americans need to be preparing themselves for the inevitable. If Joe Biden takes office, everyone will be stuck at home for weeks at a time with no plan for the future.

235 thoughts on “Just as Promised! Biden Makes Good on His Lockdown Promise”

    1. What is all this jibirish and what has it to do with bidens promises of another lock down? Are you afraid to text in plain English. As for Biden and that so called doctor and their lock down, they can suck my ass. He ain’t the president and can’t give that order anyway.

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    1. We must do what needs to be done to stop the killings. Each day we lose thousands of Americans and need to stop the killing while we find the cure!

      1. The deaths are from 5G, radiation poison. Covid does not exist. If it did why would they let people wear PLASTIC SHIELDS? The real virus is radiation and FEAR> WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    1. I won’t be messing with this site again.until these foolish comments are taken down or at least condemned. Why is this garbage being allowed on here. Our country is mortal danger while evil people play,but none of the things happening surprise me in the least. This nation’s gross sins against truth and all decency has brought us to this dark day. The murder of more than 80 million babies since 1973 calling it legal, then the allowed same sex marriages, then in 2016 the attack on chronic pain patients causing thousands of deaths among the sick and dying, including many veterans who committed suicide or died in withdrawal. Chronic pain patients are treated as criminals by their doctors, the doctors are mostly cowards and no wonder, the government has allowed the DEA to use communist tactics to prevent them from practising their profession. Whether Trump supporters acknowledge it or not, he signed the order to begin this evil policy when he should have went against Obama’s evil mess. Obama started this before leaving office. Yes I voted for Trump the first time and again the 3rd.of November.there was no alternative. The true and Living God has brought judgment against this nation and it will continue until the people truly repent or perish. I fully understand why this is happening. Most of the people have accepted the removing of any thing concerning the teachings of Jesus Christ. Evolution taught in our schools for decades now has caused most of the people to think of humans as just another animal. The proof is all around with people acting like animals. The teaching of children in the home by parents stopped, and thousands of single parent families persist across the land. The Commandments have been mostly rejected and adultery is a common practice, even among those claiming to be God’s people. This is an abomination and the whole land and people are now beginning to suffer from this lawlessness. Lawlessness is rampant throughout our land and the reaping of what has been sown is taking place. Millions across the land are blinded spiritually and sleep on in their pathetic lives. This is but the beginning of the horrible troubles coming to a God-rejecting people. Unfortunately those who serve the Living God will suffer along with the God-haters, but we who serve God in truth and verity have hope and our rewards are sure, being sealed in the blood of the Heavenly Father’s sacrifice of His Son 2000+ years ago. Faith among those who call themselves Christian is at an all time low at this dark hour. Yet as God’s Watchmen proclaim His truth, the people close their hearts and minds and continue their spiritual slumber. Spiritually speaking this old man has heard the sleeping saints talking in their sleep for most of my 68 years. The single most important thing to do now without hesitation is a true remorseful return to our Blessed Redeemer with our whole hearts and minds and loose ourselves from the things of this evil dark world. Who will hear? Who will truly repent and allow God to renew them? Not many I fear! The choice is set before the true people of God, (and yes even the true people of God can be deceived), life and death is before us, I beg to you all, CHOOSE LIFE.

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