Obama Gets Put In His Place by Candace Owens

Former President Barack Obama made history when he was the first person to identify as a Black person to be elected president of the United States. While many considered it to be a landmark occasion, and there was much rejoicing by the left, many conservative people of color were less delighted, including (now) conservative commentator Candace Owens.

The former president lived up to many conservatives fears, and since his eight-year tenure in the White House has cashed in on not only his former office but distrust within his party of the current Republican president’s job.

Part of his cashing in was in the form of a book that is slated to come out next week, entitled “A Promised Land” which he will speak about on a new “60 Minutes” interview this Sunday. While he’s expected to speak about his VP, Joe Biden, potentially becoming the 46th president of the United States, he’s also going to speak about “The Promised Land,” the first of a two-volume memoir that will chronicle his political career.

In a statement on the new book, Obama said: “There’s no feeling like finishing a book, and I’m proud of this one.”

He continued “I’ve spent the last few years reflecting on my presidency, and in ‘A Promised Land’ I’ve tried to provide an honest accounting of my presidential campaign and my time in office: the key events and people who shaped it, my take on what I got right and the mistakes I made, and the political, economic, and cultural forces that my team and I had to confront then — and that as a nation we are grappling with still.”

Owens, however, was unimpressed, both with Obama’s presidency and with what he is doing with his retirement.

“The language that he’s using, the rhetoric that is coming out of former Barack Obama’s mouth is nothing short of absolutely despicable in my opinion,” Owens told Hannity of the book’s treatment Republicans according to the Daily Mail.

“This is a man who ran on the American dream,” Owens went on. “Everyone remembers where they were the night Barack Obama won. There was a kinetic energy on the ground it felt like we finally had arrived at a place in this country where we could put the past on the past. He ran on that image. He didn’t run on race, he didn’t run on denigrating half of Americans,” she added.

The conservative commentator also pointed out that the large majority of the United States is White and “Barack Obama became the president of the United States because white Americans supported him.

“Rather than sow some unity, rather than show some respect for this country that gave him literally everything he has, he turned his back on the country and he said look at this despicable country, it’s broken,” Owens said incredulously.

“He is the first president to have ever sat in the White House and come out of the White House hating America and that is what I believe about Barack Obama today.

“It felt like we finally had arrived at a place in this country where we could put the past in the past,” she said. “Barack Obama became the president of the United States because White Americans supported him. And rather than show some unity, rather than show some respect for this country that gave him literally everything he has, he turns his back … and says, ‘Look at this despicable country. It’s broken.’”

“He is the first president that has ever sat in the White House and come out … hating America,” she added.

Owens postulated that Obama was a stark contrast to the current Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump, who has spent a considerable amount of his time campaigning for people of various ethnicity and has strengthened his standing in the Black community, garnering around 18 percent of the black male vote.

“Do you think that [Democrats] could have the humility to pause for a second and say, ‘You know what? Maybe it’s not because every single person in America is a racist,’” she said. “People are standing behind Donald J. Trump because he is an effective and good leader who tells the truth and doesn’t  … run on identity politics.”

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      1. No kidding! He was an “empty suit” that did nothing but divide the USA. Both he and that nasty wife of his were the biggest racists of our time! Two pathetic human beings!

        1. I even wrote then President Obama that I only support politicians who stand for the right-to-life of Black babies including Shanice Osbourne who was about 5 minutes old, moving her arms and legs and making sounds, but was then placed into a plastic bags where she could not breathe, but was too young to actually say the words, “I can’t breathe.” She had survived an abortion attempt.


  2. This smart and articulate young lady speaks from the heart and always resourcefully backs her comments with truth. She doesn’t shield her comments behind the fact that she is Black, she embraces her ethnicity with pride instead of sounding like a victim of society. She has addressed political giants and like David has left them on their knees. She is fearless and will not back down from any radical liberal and will defeat them with dignity and grace. I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful Lady in Bakersfield, California and proudly proclaim to one day hopefully be able to cast a vote for Candace Owens as President of the country she loves and appreciates so much.

    1. Run Candace for President! You are a beautiful and very smart lady! I love listening to you talk!

    2. I 100% agree with you. I wish I could meet her. She does everything you say she does and more. I, too remain hopeful that she might even run in 2024. We must pray for this!!!!

      1. I agree that he should be punished for hating America when people supported him while in the White House. He and all of his cronies should be put in prison for what they tried to do!!

  3. I’m not sure that Candice Owens would ever be considered for the office of President, because I think that after Biden gets through weakening the country and “giving away the prestige” of the country, there will be no further need for a president, because there will be no country!

      1. The dem machine appears to have biden heading for the White House, but he won’t be there for long, and he isn’t our worst problem. If he does step into the White House, he will be signing his own death warrant. The dark state doesn’t want him; kamela will be president within the first year. There is our future and our end.

    1. Very nicely put. She is class. First rate. Not at all like those lying, manipulating, communist Marxist democrats. I will hope and pray that candass will move up quickly.

  4. Wow….truth never spoken. He is out of the Whitehouse….go back to where you belong and live in your own world.
    Candace Owens….I stand up with deep respect and applaud you!!!!!

  5. Wow….truth never spoken. He is out of the Whitehouse….go back to where you belong and live in your own world.
    Candace Owens….I stand up with deep respect and applaud you!!!!!

  6. to simplify the wonderful CANDACE OWENS…

    seeing obama’s use of the word “honorable” is enough to not buy his book.

    she should be commended.


    1. She hit the nail on the head. Obama is a disgrace to both the office of president and the black race which he proclaims to represent. He has done remarkably well financially in a country that he hates so much. I wonder how well he would have done in Africa or wherever he thinks would be so much better.

  7. Obama is was and most likely remain the consummate divider of our nation. He was given an office that was far beyond his competence as a leader. He stood in the shadow of Valerie Jarrett who was his confident especially when things went over his head. He epitomized racism assuming that every black person caught in a criminal act was a hate crime and he insisted on sending Eric Holder an even more incompetent AG on the hunt for racism everywhere at the slightest provocation real or imagined. He was the one that marginalized the law enforcement community and sowed the seeds of undermining the protection of citizens from criminals that we have seen a lot more of in 2020. Worst most racist President over many decades. Definitely a contender for the worst President ever, as a Divider he slithers to the top.

    1. He divided this country more than any president in History, How he was ever elected is beyond me, how he was ever re-elected is Insane. And now America your voting to put this demonic duo in the White House for more of the same ol shit.

      1. How he was elected is, in my opinion, simple. Negro’s, young eligible white’s, mainly women, and older bleeding hearts who are still feeling guilt about slavery, segregation and all facets of descrimination and racism.
        The first thing to understand about Donkeyism {Democrats) is, they are criminally inclined! It is said that this trait in Democrats, began back in 1916. Believable, because it continueson a grand scale today! And knowing what they stand for yesterday and today, it makes everyone criminal through all forms of association!

  8. Obama received a Nobel prize for his 1/4 black skin? He did nothing in 8 years to deserve the Nobel. Trump brought trade treaties and cooperation accords between Israel and its Muslim neighboring countries. Never before in history has this been accomplished. Where is Trump’s Nobel Prize?

  9. She hit the nail on the head. Obama is a disgrace to both the office of president and the black race which he proclaims to represent. He has done remarkably well financially in a country that he hates so much. I wonder how well he would have done in Africa or wherever he thinks would be so much better.

  10. Every president before him knew enough & had class to refrain getting involved with current political issues ! Don’t think he is as sharp as he pretends to be !

  11. Obama is a fraud. All he did was take advantage of people – he wants to be a celebrity and rich. This book should definitely continue to pad his pockets and inflate his ego beyond the size of the universe. The people that support and admire this evil, devisive charlatan are lacking integrity themselves

  12. Obama was nothing but a traitor to this country and he will never stop until people stop listening to this poor pathetic person
    He is sick and should be treated with disgust rather than given a soft ball 60 mins interview but thats where the left is these days The people in the Gov that he has developed a shadow gov with are the ones who have done all in their power to bring down President Trump and Candace Owens should be praised for the goodness she has brought out to the African American people and when you see over and over how Obama continues to try to preach to the American people about what they should be doing We will go on rejecting him and his band of Goons and thats the bottom line
    this new book is nothing but another repeat of him talking about what a great and wonderful clown he really is and nothing more and god help us we have to go on listening to him telling people how We should be doing what we are told because this scum bag is telling us to do it.. and thats is double for his idiot wife.. NO thanks I dont want anything to do
    with him and I pray to god that he is some how removed and sent back where he Belongs

  13. ABSOLUTELY the Worst president ever. Still remember his first term visit to the Near East. Vivid photo of him bowing his head and KIDDING the ring of an Arabian noble, prince, sheik to whatever.

    Totally embarrassing moment for this country.

  14. In my opinion, Obama is a president who will remain in American history, as the first black president of America who became a Nobel laureate, not for his deeds, but for the hopes of the Nobel Committee, which, unfortunately, he did not justify .He has no other merits.

  15. Systemic Racism is the favorite expression of the Obamas and the majority of those on the left. They leave no rock unturned to prove that only people with white skin are prejudice and begets. They set themselves up as gods, who only they, and they alone, can see into the hearts of individuals. They believe themselves the only basis for truth, virtue and morality. They will never admit that the dignity of each person is not dependent on how others see us, but on how God sees us.

  16. Obama started started all the race problems where having now . It started with him sticking his nose in and calling the Cambridge Ma. Police keystone cops . Then sticking his nose down in Florida then in Missouri always shooting his mouth off before the facts are in. He was and is nothing more than a slick talker.

  17. Inbred tree swinger Hussain Obama was the WORST President this country has had . He was crooked , a liar , and he was the divider of this country . Now , the COMMY , SOCIALIST, LIBERALS , aided by the LIBERAL , PROPAGANDA main stream media [ including Fox ] will continue to divide this country with thier one sided rhetoric . Hussain and his he-she should crawl back into thier million dollar mansion and stay there , while his he-she bends him over the chair 4 times a week .

    1. Those who buy his books, or should I say , his worthless, bullshit dribblings, are aiding and abetting, contributing to his wealth! Let him make his own way! Those thieving ass Democrats (that criminal organization), will take care of their own, and he is one of their own!!!

    HE IS DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!

  19. Every time I think of Obama, I remember, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the Billions of Dollars, he sent on Pallets too Iran, and him bowing too a Saudi King, like a dog!

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