Obama Calls Trump a Dictator but Forgets What He Was Like

Barack Obama is a man spouting nothing but a lot of hot air. He takes to the airways to mouth off information that makes no sense and cannot be backed up by fact. So, when he told an interviewer of “60 Minutes” that President Trump is a dictator, he must have forgotten about his attempt to usher in an era of liberalistic rulership forged in the fires of dictatorship.

Obama claims that President Trump is going to do anything to stay in power. The only reason President Trump will not concede is that Biden and his gang of cheaters fraudulently puffed up their voter count. It was not a fair election.

President Trump has said from day one that he will protect the country from people that would seek to harm it. And that is precisely what he is doing by challenging the election results. There is enough evidence to boot Biden out of the winner’s circle and send him packing back to his basement cave.

President is taking to the courts to get the liberals exposed as the cheaters they are. The president has said time after time that the election was rigged as widespread fraud began to appear in several key states.

Obama lies when he says that the president “doesn’t like to lose.” President Trump is no stranger to losing as he has had his fair share of it in his life. Losing legally is one thing, but losing to a cheater is an entirely unfair way to go.

Biden thinks that Joe Biden is the next lawful president. He came out and said that he won it fairly. But that does not answer all the questions and sworn statements of people that Biden cheated.

Instead of calling for an investigation to clear the air. Obama attacks the president by saying, “It is one more step in delegitimizing not just the incoming Biden administration, but democracy generally. And that’s a dangerous path. I think that there has been this sense over the last several years that literally anything goes and is justified in order to get power. And that’s not unique to the United States.”

If they have nothing to hide, they would open up and let people look at what happened during the election night. They continue to deny and try to divert attention away from the matter. They downplay the accusations and force the media to turn a blind eye to the massive amount of facts that are showing up all over the place.

Obama is borderline slanderous as he compares President Trump to “strong men and dictators around the world who think that, ‘I can do anything to stay in power. I can kill people. I can throw them in jail. I can run phony elections. I can suppress journalists.’ But that’s not who we’re supposed to be.”

He really believes that the Democrats ran a fair election. He is promoting a false reality and wants Biden to send that message to countries around the world. There is no world leader that will trust the Biden administration because of the way they have lied and cheated the past few years.

What is really shocking about Obama and his comments is that he did the exact things that he accused the president of doing. Obama had “authorized 542 drone strikes in the Middle East, Africa, and South Central Asia that ‘killed an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians.'”

He suppressed journalists and kept freedom of speech locked up so tight that it nearly strangled the country. He is also guilty of setting up unconstitutional programs. One such program was the DACA plan. He would later admit that he should have never set it up.

President Trump endured these kinds of fact allegations all the way through his first term. He faced one lie after another from the liberal left as they tried to unseat him. And when they could not figure out how to remove him from office, they turned to the election. They made their plans to cheat and stack the deck, hoping that they would have just enough votes to win marginally. They just did not count on such an effective fight from the president.

255 thoughts on “Obama Calls Trump a Dictator but Forgets What He Was Like”

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    1. Obama should tread carefully because he is one step away from being convicted and imprisonment. He was the biggest dictator of modern times. Even controlled my computer. When he was in office, if I typed Obama in lower case letters, it would change it to capital letters. When Trump was sworn in, all of the sudden, obama in lower case was okay as you can see. Watch your step former President, Americans are watching you and regard you as the worst president ever in our history.

      1. David, don’t forget his coziness with the terrorist! His lies about where he was born. His family said he was born in Kenya, dominated by Muslim terrorists. Barrack Hussein Obama a Muslim was allowed to live in our WH. spying on President Trump and still at it. Nothing but a lowlife scum of the earth. This is his fallout that we are seeing. SOB!!!

        1. He’s the devil, Lauren, he is beyond corruption, the worse you can imagine. So is the person he’s supposedly married to. I wish they would both go away and stop spreading their hate, it is very obvious they hate our country. They are the ones who started all “racist” accusations. He is the most divisive man, he began division in our country and continues to do it. Blaming president Trump of exactly what he was and is, is ridiculous, but can’t expect anything less from so called Democrats who always blame others for exactly what they are and are doing. Disgusting parasites!

        2. Everything you’re saying about Obama is based on hearsay evidence. There is no proof that Obama was “born in Kenya, dominated by Muslim terrorists.” Have you forgotten about the Muslim terrorist that Obama had KILLED, namely Osama bin Laden, of 9/11 infamy? Does that sound like the actions of a President who’s a friend of terrorists, as you imply? I think not!

          And why do you dwell on the fact that Obama’s middle name happens to Hussein? Because you think it proves that Obama was a Muslim, or that he was on the side of the terrorists, in spite of having bin Laden killed? Do you suspect that Obama is related to the late Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein? Well, there’s no proof that the two of them were related to each other, and even if they were, that doesn’t make Obama an evil person. Did you know that bank robber John Dillinger had a half-brother who was on the opposite side of the law, because he was a POLICEMAN, or that mobster Al Capone had a cousin who was a Sheriff?

          In any case, just being named Hussein doesn’t make one a terrorist or a criminal. That’s stereotyping, because it assumes that all Middle Easterners or anyone with a Middle Eastern sounding name is automatically an menace to society. RIDICULOUS! It’s like saying that anyone whose name ends with a vowel (re: an Italian name) must be in the Mafia.

          Maybe the reason Obama’s middle name is Hussein is because he had ancestors who were born in the Middle East, where Hussein is as common a name as Smith or Jones is in America — or do you think Smith or Jones are “Un-American” names as well?

          There’s also no proof that Barack Obama is now, or has ever been, a Muslim. Quite the contrary, he was raised as a CHRISTIAN, and attended a CHRISTIAN CHURCH (incidentally, many people in the Middle East are Christians too, including the ones named Hussein). Even if Obama is or was a Muslim, that doesn’t mean that he’s a threat to the United States or its people. Yes, some Islamic fanatics have committed acts of terrorism in the name of some twisted version of Islam, but so have a lot of CHRISTIAN FANATICS who committed atrocities in the name of God and Jesus, like the Spanish Inquisition, the witch hunters of ancient Europe and Puritan New England, the Know Nothing Party, which terrorized American Catholics, the Ku Klux Klan, who always use the Bible to justify their doctrine of bigotry and violence, as did other racist groups like the Black Legion, the Aryan Nation, the Aryan Brotherhood, and so on.

          The point is that you’re defaming an entire religion (which, until a few decades ago, was considered as legitimate as Christianity and Judaism) for the actions of a few, thereby declaring Islam to be evil in of itself. Isn’t that what Adolf Hitler said about the Jews?


        1. Even his half brother and his fake birth certificate is proof that he was not born in the USA. Also he is a Muslim especially since his middle name is all the proof you need.
          Everything BO did is valid proof the he is a socialist, communist, killer and anti-American as he wanted to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

      3. When your paternal parentage is in question & you mother abandons you to be with two different men from Muslim countries and the people (maternal grandparents) who raised you, were confirmed communists. You could be very confused, if not, hateful of your American heritage. Calling the President a Dictator isn’t borderline slanderous. It’s not only slanderous, it could be treasonous! Especially if you (Obama) have been rightfully accused of killing hundreds, if not thousands of people including innocent children. Obama was not only a Dictator, but a liar, a killer & a President who put innocent people, in prison, without cause. People who he simply didn’t like their position against him. Despicable & treasonous, would be my belief about Mr. Obama. Worst President in American History! Conversely, President Donald J. Trump is the best President in the History of our country.

        God Bless America &
        GOD LESS DONALD J. TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      4. You had that happen to you, I have where complete folders that was titled BO disappear on me for upwards of a week. BO along with Air Head Biden and Hitler Clinton should be arrested and have to serve time in prison.

      5. Yes I agree! Obama said he was doing one thing but behind our backs Obama sold out us as country! He should not be getting any pension as a President he should repay all his earnings

      6. Sorry, but I must call Bovine Scatology on “convicted and imprisoned”. Unless and until a Second American Revolution takes place, the Kenyan muslim/marxist is protected by the Deep State and the Ministry of Truth. I don’t see much of the current population having the stomach for what it will take to remedy the problem.

      7. If President Trump would have declared a Dictatorship with the American Armed Forces he would not be in the present situation, and Chinese, the EU, and the Russians would be very quite without betraying America in so many things as they have been doing and still do, the fleet of Chinese Aircraft Carriers -these funny islands they built in the sea they like to name -China Sea- would have been wiped off in time, the Ruskies keep the feet nicely quiet under the table and not even dreaming their deliriums of grandeur through treason… It is matter of guts and balls and banging with a strong fist on the table as President Reagan said… with risks naturally, but certainly much clearer and better than the mess the Country is immerse in this moment that will bring so much uncertainity and suffering to the American People… There would still be time…

    2. Obama is and always has been a wanna be dictator. He and his cronies were thieves and killed 4 soldiers while in cahoots with Clinton. He’s always told lies to get his way and what he wanted. Caged kids and isn’t it amazing how he blamed Trump for doing it? He is nothing more than jealous of Trump that has done the job he promised he’d do

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