Biden is Controlled by China Since He Owes Them Billions

It should not amaze any person that Joe Biden is the biggest fraud to serve in politics. His sketchy business deals and misuse of power for influential purposes make him a man that cannot be trusted. Investigations into Biden’s past has opened a can full of trouble. And it should surprise the country that he will use the president’s office to solve some of the shaded past.

Joe Biden has been found to owe the Chinese government billions of dollars in questionable loans. Somehow he weaseled his way into a relationship with the communist regime and got them to hand over tons of money. And to this day, no one can find where that money has been placed or even used.

The massive amounts of money that he owes is connected to his son Hunter Biden. The story of how Joe Biden got his money is shady business as usual for the family. A man by the name of Tony Bobulinski stated that he met the Biden family and was subject to their bragging about how strong their family was.

Bobulinski stated that “Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China in December 2013, accompanying his then-veep father on an official visit where Joe Biden reportedly met with Hunter’s Chinese partners. Ten days later, Hunter’s company inked a deal with the state-owned Bank of China and created the $1 billion investment fund called Bohai Harvest RST (BHR)….”

These were the days when Biden was the vice president under Obama. During this time, he claims he never used his influence of position to secure positions and wealth from other nations. But the paper trail clearly outlines that Biden did use his power for personal gain.

Bobulinski went on to state that “A representative for BHR told The New Yorker in July 2019 that Hunter Biden introduced his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li during the trip. Li later became the CEO of BHR.”

The shady past of Joe Biden will haunt him the rest of his days. But one has to think that China will use its debt against him when it comes time to negotiate a new trade deal. This assumes that Biden is going to be the next president. Biden is not fit to sit in the White House with such a massive debt load over his head.

Biden may well be the first president to be owned by an enemy of the United States. The nation does not need a man in the White House that can be influenced by threats from another nation. Biden is more of a liability than he is an asset because of his debt.

China has been caught stealing from the American people, recruiting people to spy for them, and many other illegal ventures. Now that they own an American politician, they have an inroad into getting what they want. All they have to do is threaten Joe Biden or his family, and Biden will bow to their demands.

Biden takes no thought about the ramifications of his actions. Even with Elon Musk and the amount of money he owes China, it is possible that Musk has become a threat like Biden. But sleepy Joey Biden is showing that he is easily influenced by outside pressure.

President Trump is the first president in over a century that could not be bought by outside forces. This is what made him an exceptional president that was hated by the Democratic Party. They knew that they could not buy him out, so they tried to oust him out.

Right at the front of the fight was Joe Biden. Pulling strings and making plans with his fellow criminal Democrats to accuse an honest man of crimes he did not do.

Joe Biden is not the man every liberal thinks he is. He is in league with China because he owes them a ton of money. This should make him unfit to serve in government. But the way it stands, he has hidden just enough of his soiled past to make people think that he is going to be trustworthy. But that is just not going to be the truth since his past is full of lies and corruption.

49 thoughts on “Biden is Controlled by China Since He Owes Them Billions”

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      1. I am with you. I am connected to the underground news people they may not be hotshots like David but they tell the news. I get messages from people I know in Rusia and Israel. They are my friends and tell me the truth. Since my family came from Prussia and it’s too bad I do not fly the flag. Grandma knew it was going down the pipe and escaped. Her husband owned a big meat store and sold it to get out. He came to the US with his mom and dad and his brothers. I can not find them they were Frederick, Karl, Herman.

        The reason I am answering this e-mail is that I heard from my friend in Ukraine that Biden had run a deal with Russia-China over the pipeline to Germany and other places the gas would fuel the homes and business in these areas which I can’t pronounce. Biden got a get back because he furnished something while being vice-present. Huter was placed on the board as a CEO what he did I do not know. But my sources said he smoked crack and snorted coke. This is why Biden is in trouble because the underground people photographed Hunter do his little Happy, Happy,. Now really when it comes down to it not one person from the national news came on and gave the info. to the American people with David’s little new all he talked about was the virus and nothing about the rest of the world.

        Personally, I think I would be better than all those goofy people who are paid a big buck to steer us wrong. But I would tell you the truth!!!!

    1. Your story is definitely cooked-up and as such, only the gullible and die-hard rightists will bury their heads in the sand to believe your fake story.

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  7. WTF, not one comment about Biden owing china. How stupid are you people. Welcome to your world, you built it. Don’t complain when something that you don’t like happens. Your stupidity has lost you that right.

  8. The foreign trade will double the millions of deficit taxes owe to China because of excessive export to America. This has been existing for many years unless Biden changes the old treaty. To cure this importation of items, establish factories for essential commodities which are being imported. This will create employment and help promote the economic interest of America.

  9. The supposed mammoth proof of fraud doesn’t seem to be moving the case for Trump very fast at all. It’s a “NIGHTMARE” to think that we could actually awaken one morning to a Biden Presidency. Can BILL BARR really be doing anything or is he covering up and stalling for time when BIDEN might be the new president. This is extremely troubling as we should have heard of a number of DEMOCRAT Election Officials being dragged off to jail. I don’t think even if their guilt is proven that a Biden administration would litigate and incarcerate these ne’er do wells who truly are deserving of long sentences. I sure hope that Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell meet with success very soon or we may be living in a doomed America…

  10. i do not understand how obama , biden ,comey,clapper, clinton and alot of others can just rob steal cheat and probly kill and just walk away with no legal punishment and just get elected to another office to keep up there corruption do people not look at how they are voting for?or for who they vote for?

  11. Don’t worry.. Biden will just give China a US company or companies that create our military abilities. As he did when Hunter fronted for a Chinese military company that “bought”: defense companies. Right after BIden became VP… these companies were DO NOT SELL TO CHINA… Parts/ companies/ for the security of the USA. . But the VP.. with the OK of Obumo sold companies strategic to our aircraft carriers and planes to the chines. In the last few years China has all of a sudden developed carriers and a superior airforce .. all thru the use of these American.. now owned by the Chinese military companies. AND PLEASE DO NOT TELL US THAT NOBODY KNEW WHAT BIDEN WAS DOING.. ONE OF HUNTERS PARTNERS WAS JOHN KERRY’S SON.

  12. My fear is that IF Biden is able to get himself through somehow, and IF he is at some level the head of this country, WE will be paying off his debt. Taxes going up? No – they will be skyrocketing. In other words, it is imperative that we keep him out, but not that easy to do. You would have 2 women running the country and Joe collecting to pay off his debt…which the Chinese are awaiting. All of this is sickening.

  13. I said this months ago ,,, with the shady and underhanded deals that CREEPY Joe and crackhead Hunter did with China , they are prime candidates for BLACKMAIL from China . Not to mention the 3.5 million dollars CRACKHEAD Hunter got from the Mayors wife in Russia . How do you spell NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT !!!! This WHOLE election was a FRAUD , CREEPY JOE will NEVER be my President !!! TRUMP IS THE REAL # 46 !!!!

  14. Once Biden gets into the White House, he will support the “One China Policy”. With all of the money that the Chicoms gave Hunter, Taiwan will be “taken over” by the Chinese Communists. That Beautiful Island will be absorbed into the Communist state. This will happen within 18 months.

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