Biden/Harris Campaign Staffer Caught Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud in Georgia

America has been transfixed with the debate over the validity of the 2020 presidential election, and swing states like Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have been at the center of the storm.

The controversial areas have proved to be the difference between a second term for President Donald Trump and a first-term for former Vice President Joe Biden, and Americans are highly emotional about it.

While the left is rejoicing in their perceived victory, only fueled by the media who have deemed Biden the winner in their broadcasts day in and day out, Trump supporters have stuck to their guns that evidence of election fraud was too prevalent to assume that the winner is known.

Trump’s supporters have had plenty to support their claim, however, and the evidence seems to be mounting. Placed firmly in the “should report to the authorities” column was proof that a relatively high profile campaign staffer for Democrat vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, was counting votes in a particularly contentious county in the swing state of Georgia.

According to conservative commentator David Harris Jr, Aric Thompson, the official photographer for Kamala Harris, was counting ballots in Floyd County Georgia.

“That is the same Floyd County where 3,000 votes that favored President Trump were never counted,” the conservative pundit’s website stated. “By law Thompson was not legally allowed to count the votes because he worked for the Biden/Harris campaign.

The DHJ website went on to explain that according to election law, “When you volunteer to count votes, you are asked if you were a candidate or worked for a candidate on the ballot. If you answer yes to either, you are automatically refused.”

Or at least that’s what is supposed to happen.

“Therefore, Thompson must have answered no,” the conservative pundit’s site went on. “He broke election law. His job was operating a Dominion Voting tabulator. The worst of both worlds.”

Deciding who will govern the United States of America comes down to who do we want to protect the constitution. Or at least that is what we’re supposed to do. Recent years of wiping away the evil of systems like socialism and communism, and civics being replaced with “social studies” has brought up a group of voters who are more concerned with who they can stick it to than who they get stuck with.

Dangerous stigmas, combined with a well oiled Washington machine of corruption has led the United States to a place where almost half of all voters (Republicans and Democrats alike, 47 percent to be exact) believe, truly, that the election was rigged for the incumbent to lose, and yet the people who claim to have won are the violent and aggressive ones.

The evidence of fraud was so substantial in Georgia that a judge has now order that all voting machines be sequestered while the state works on a recount. Included in that recount is a comparison of signatures that will be tested against signatures on registration forms. If they don’t match, the vote will get thrown out.

Conservatives believe that this vote recount will strongly favor the president and the electoral votes will go to him, thanks to the fact that the majority of Biden’s votes were submitted through the mail.

The above-mentioned evidence of fraud is one of dozens that have been reported in the weeks since the Nov. 3 election, and the president’s legal team has made no secret of their intention to work their way through the court system until they’ve proven the election was stolen, intentionally, by the most extensive voter fraud machine in American history.

614 thoughts on “Biden/Harris Campaign Staffer Caught Red-Handed Committing Election Fraud in Georgia”

    1. trump is paying people to claim fraud in the election. he says he won and the people of America says Biden won. Who is right? he does not want top give the power that the office has over the world and he wants to run in 2o24? he will never make not because the grass roots that kicked him out of office, will begin today to work so that he will not have the support he thinks he has. trump is for trump and not for America and its people, so we will open the eyes of his blind supporters that he wants America to kneel in his face. he is the worst president that America has ever had. and is willing to bring down America and its people to the lowest rank in the world.

        1. Correct. Plus Biden and son caught
          In criminal activity. Obama keeps taping the President. He did for 2 years when Trump lived only a couple miles away. How about Obama letting the Benazi men die
          when he could of saved them?

      1. Theres video of the Biden Harris ticket offering money for votes (actual video). Theres video of voter fraud (actual video)!! Wheres your proof of Trump paying anyone? Put up or shut up

      2. There is voter fraud and stealing the election. They have plenty of evidence. A lot of people are stupid and can’t see it! It’s not hard to see the election was rigged! Shame on Democrats!

      3. Are you an idiot, or just pretend to be one? Democrats have made election fraud a profession. In my state, the dead arose and always voted Democrat. Too many videos, too many eye witnesses, too many ineligible votes for the senile groper Biden.

        1. Amen ! I just don’t understand why the DOJ and FBI not investigating the corruption. Biden is so dirty and has been for decades !

          1. The FBI and the DOJ?? It is sad we have lost respect for these once so trusted organizations. The America I grew up in is not what my offspring have to look forward to. The morals of this country are so despicable. We can’t expect anything else. Wake up America. Sin is overtaking our nation. Clean up our lives and then we can clean up our nation.



      5. When I got ready for bed Trump was ahead by millions of votes across the country with 85 percent counted in many of these states of conflict. All kinds of illegal ballots were transported to several states and locations. Voting machines were easily hacked and millions of votes were changed. Unless you NEVER read the facts, you would know the TRUTH by NOW! Actually Trump won all the states in question and one shocker was I saw that he barely won California, which has never been fought about yet. Sir, you must really be thrilled to loose our country to communist China and want to have no democracy and be under government control forever. If you are so unhappy it would be best you leave to a country of your liking.

      6. You have absolutly lost your mind or have been brainwashed for so long by the fake news that you dont even know any better anymore. Trump is out for us and us only. We are talking about a man who was living a care free life and was loved by all you liberals until he became president. Then all of a sudden he is a monster. You people are completly out of your minds. He has done more in four years then Joe Biden has done in 47 years. Plus if you can not see he is not fit for office you are blind. He is the peoples president and here to help us you must be a swamp creature because most of the people in washington are like legalized organized crime. When it comes to everyday common sense the left has left.

      7. Blind Democrats who cant see between the lines .or to busy covering up for corruption and treason are .the ones who promotes violence and murder the same . Violence that joe the child molester Biden created with antifa and blm .and another thing president Trump had the highest employment rate in the 25 year rate and the lowest unemployment rate in the 25 year rate .alot higher then terrorist loving Obama and the Bushes and also bill the rapist Clinton. So instead of blowing smoke out of your ass do some actual research before you talk

      8. Your repeating what the media tells you. He has done great things to clean the swamp. The swamp was deeper than he could clean out. Unfortunately you can not see tour own hypocrisy. Left failed to ever recognize him and disrespect him every day.Disrespect the OFFICE everyday. We know Russia Collusion was created by Hillary Clinton and was false. This voter fraud is not false. This was set in motion 4 years ago and the pandemic made it east for them to carry out. Quote James Carville ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. We need to come together and admit the hatred and underhanded actions being done to gain power and control. This country is too important.

      9. Many are in your shows….because of the British Empires psy ops run against the entire Americannpopulation, som sid bot have the mental fortitude to pull themselves out of that. keep trying – somewhere inside every human there is a moral soul the is destined to do good – keep truing to find and uncover that within your self – ie can bring human reason forth rather then the Pavloffian feeding dish placed in front of so many.

      10. No Willie Brown, Obama was the worst President in history and divided this country more than anyone. Go back and please re-educate yourself hood rat…

      11. Dream on…nobody is paying Trump supporters to do this. NOBODY!! But the Dems have done it and it is well documented!! In fact…videoed for all to see. No…George Soros does not give billions to the Republicans to do demented things, such as the Dems have gotten away with most times….BUT with that said…they WILL NOT get away with this one! There will be many prosecuted! Lots of people going to jail, I have heard. TRUMP/PENCE 2020!! (I still have my sign up! It isn’t over yet!)

        1. That is my prayer………… LORD place a hedge of protection around President Trump and I also pray that the votes will prove this.

      12. Sir with all due respect, where did you get your information? The only ones questionable are Biden and especially Harris! Kindly, stick to the actual facts. Don’t let your obvious dislike for President Trump cloud your judgment.

      13. You should move to Venezuela. Why wait until America is no different, if you like rigged voting so much. The Dominium machines were the same ones Maduro used to rig his election.

      14. Outside of lies does willie have anything to say? As for Harris’s staffer counting votes 20years in prison is in order! There insomuch proof of fraud that only corrupt judges stand inthe way of justice.

      15. Willy pull your head out of your ass their were videos and many signed affidavits that were sworn under penalty of perjury that fraud was committed, also proof read your statement before down loading you sound like a 3rd grader just learning how to read and write

      16. You are sick and stupid person blind sighted by hate for President Trump. He is one of the greatest presidents we have had in a long time. He has worked very hard to make America Great Again and worked on cleaning the swamp in Washington. He is a true American and God bless and protect him. Trump — keep fighting for all those who voted for you.

      17. What are you talking about?
        Since he was elected he has done nothing
        but good things for the country.
        Yes, his Tweeting and other things are
        aggravating but he still is a good President.
        Stopping Planned Parenthood so they can’t kill babies with a heartbeat. Election of good judges who are honest. The right trying to give Illegal aliens everything so
        they can vote. Kamala was smiling and everything else when whoever was with her
        was doing fraud.

      18. This is a lie just as most of what a lot of anti Trump people say. The election was as dishonest as anything I have ever seen or heard of. Just declare Martial Law and have another election with voter ID required. No chance for fraud then. Counting would be overseen by some kind of law enforcement.

        1. I agree with you 100% Ronda. Do the whole election over again. ID required with several poll watchers, can be law enforcement, watching the voting place to make sure they are who they claim to be. And, paper ballots. Not voting machines.

          1. Canada only votes by paper with proper ID not electronic machines that can be rigged done by dominion. All the dominion exs are MIA cleaned out their offices and are gone. Biden if he has nothing to hide should welcome a recount to prove he is the true winner and re assure the American legal voters there was no fraud in this election

      19. I would give the distinction of worst President in this country’s history to Barack Obama. Obama was/is divisive, arrogant, condescending, schadenfreudist, pathological. He is one of the few leaders of a nation state that hated the country to hold leadership without suffering negative consequences for his actions to date. Should Biden be inaugurated as President, one could declare a tie for the WORST President ever in United States history!

      20. You need to get off of CNN, MSNBC, CBS and tube into Newsmax and learn the truth. Biden and Harris is not what you think. Socialism will take us to complete slavery along with higher taxes, jobs sent back to China and the freebys they have pumped down your throat will not show up. Until the virus that Gates was involved in along with the Dems in office we had the lowest unemployment in the history of this country. The Dem party wants one world order which by the way will not be ran by this country and Trump said AMERICA FIRST and that makes them hate him. The Dem party will never change my mind as I have seen for years what they really want. They have violated my constitutional rights and I for one know that if all the illegal votes are removed Trump will still be the president and you for one better hope he does succeed. Research socialism and the country’s that have it and learn the real truth. Check Al jazeera’s and learn.

      21. No Trump DID NOT loose the election! Joe Biden/ Obama lost the election! Trump loves the American people! He would do anything for our Country and has done a great job doing it. Joe/Obama had to have mail in to cheat ! It really had nothing to do with the Virus! Once a cheater always a cheater! Joe knows all about that being a great role model for Hunter! Trump will go down as the best President ever for our Country and you know it Your just jealous as most of the swamp is. !

      22. WOW, worst PRESIDENT ever,, WHY? He did more in 4 yrs for Veterans than all others, got more people working than any other, Willie Willie Willie get your head out of that dark and smelly place

      23. wake up and get off the dope. Biden lost and you know it as well as I do. Many who are coming forward are democrat voters, they did not vote for Trump but they believe what happened to Trump was wrong. Postal workers have come forward, don’t insult anyone’s intelligence it actually makes you look pretty stupid and pathetic. I know to well about what democrats are capable of because I was one and so was Trump. Smartest thing I did was #walkaway from the democrat party

      24. Another brainwashed democrat with no brain of your own. I feel sorry for you if this is what the fake news and the rest have convinced you of. Do your own homework and stop listening to those that would lie to you for power.
        Trump is a billionaire and had no need to run for any political office especially one that shortens life. Trump ran because of the corruption against the American people. and he has done more for the people than any President in 60 plus years. I know this for a fact as I have been watching the worthless politicians that long. I guess you think Obama did something for the people or especially the black people! The answer was he did nothing but make himself rich and let Joe make himself rich too. I hope you at least learn to do your own investigations before you decide to believe what they tell you to believe.

      25. Asshole!!!! Biden can’T even manage a dog!! How the hell is he going to manage our
        country??? He is just a front for the liberal left. HIs handlers needto lock him up
        before he does more damage to our country!!!!

      26. THREE worst Presidents ever.
        1)Barrack Obama. Lied about his religion because he thought a Muslim would not win. May be right; but showed he has no integrity. Hid the fact that he is a COMMUNIST! Weaponized Deep State against opponents. Wrote executive orders that were illegal[ used race card to get away with it. Gave $150 Billion to Mullahs who want to kill us; because he is an anti-Semite. Too much more to write here.
        2) Woodrow Wilson. Like Obama, a racist. Created disastrous League of Nations; reinstated segregation; also like Obama, an academic.
        3) Jimmy Carter. Like the other two, an academic and a Democrat. Nice guy; but incredibly inept at managing economy. During his tenure US looked like Banana Republic with 13% inflation and 21% Prime Rate.
        Conclusion: Don’t elect Democrats. If they were ever professors; SHOOT them!


          1. Plus we have FBI and CIA and the rest of those ALPHABET GOVERNMENT agencies will not be there to help grow your balls boys keep armed and stay ready. THIS IS NOT A JOKE !!! THESE PEOPLE WILL RAPE LIE AND STEAL . AND KILL YOU!!! COMMUNIST ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE AND DON’T LIKE AMERICAN’S !!!

      27. Well, I hate to tell you this but the president is the only person in the United States of America to keep his campain promises.. What will Biden he will destroy our country and give it to China because they bought and paid for him and his family? If you don’t believe me do your own research but be open-minded. Just look at the evidence of voter fauld and the evidence that Hunter, Joe, and joe’s brother have sold our country out to a lot of countries and especially China. Just for your own knowledge, they have proof that China interfered in our elections and got Joe Biden elected president so they can control what America does in the future. If Joe Biden does get elected then everything my family has done to preserve our independence will be in vain. My grandfather in WW1, My father in WW11, and myself in the Viet Nam war. but I can tell that doesn’t matter to you at all.. you have been brainwashed by the Democratic party. I actually feel sorry for you and the millions of people that believe that Biden is the savior of our world. He is the distroyer of our world. And before you find out the truth our America will be in ruins.

      28. YOUR AN IDIOT. !
        SHOVE IT.

      29. You’ve been psychological manipulated by your media news source and the social networking of fakebook and probably Twotter Twitter.If you wasn’t drilled by these entities for their hatred for President Trump (and yes he is STILL your Legitimate President and still will be !) you wouldn’t be so blind from your own ignorance to see the facts and evidence that has been spelled out for you with video evidence and eye witness testimonies.Maybe you have a chemical in balance from chewing on tide pods ? Who knows.But if you think for one minute that this Presidential Election wasn’t rigged with fraud or interference.Then Willie you have NO common sense and a IQ that has flat lined.Sorry for your loss.

      30. how foolish r u? Biden did NOT win! A man that drew in thousands of supporters at every event lost to a man that had to pay people to show up to his rallies? Biden was lucky to get 12cars at his rallies! He lost over 350counties that Obama won and some how got more votes then Obama him self got in his last win?Which makes me think we were lied too back then about who really won the election’s that Obama was in!?!Maybe try to do some of your own research rather then just watching CNN You are the one that needs to open your eyes! Biden him self is on video demanding a quid-quo-pro to get his son off of charges of the laws he broke! He brags about how he told the Ukraine that they were not getting a 1billion from our country unless the head prosecutor is fired that was investigating his son!!! and you think decent American Patriots need to open their eyes when its you that is BLIND!?! May GOD save us all if our country falls victim to the Biden/Harris theft of our presidency!!!

      31. Learn how to structure a sentance moron before you criticize President Trump and his blind supporters! It is you who is an ignoramus. Spouting the same uninformed, baseless, and trite slander against a man who does” take a salary but donates all of it and more to charity. He has negotiated a multitude of PEACE AGREEMENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND IS BRINGING VERY LARGE NUMBERS OF TROOPS HOME FROM EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST. If that isn’t enough he has made significant changes to sentancing disparities which disproportionately affected minority communities. HE also increased funding for historically black colleges and universities and guaranteed that funding for 10 years. Not to belabor the point for a brainwashed and uninformed imbecile like yourself.

        There is just so much more like opportunity zones, combating the Chinese Communist trade war with the west which resulted in the the gutting of our industrial and manufacturjng base. THE fastest economic recovery in our nation’s history, accompanied by record low unemployment accross the board, opening markets to our farm products, restoring our military and oh did I mention lowering toxic emissions and at the same time making America energy independant and the number one net exporter of energy!!

        So you mean that President Trump? STFU you are the quintessential low information echo machine populating the Democratic Socialist party and the rest of the left. You will never be an American and always a leech!

      32. you are deluded…trump will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents in modern times. do you understand math? do you understand statistics? do you understand logic? scientists in these disciplines all agree that there is NO WAY the election legitimately went to biden. stop watching CNN, buddy. you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. you are in the same category as robert de niro lol.

      33. Rubbish, you keep denying and refusing to see the mountains of evidence, think there’s hundreds of sworn affidavits from witnesses, that’s evidence, there’s no denying huge fraud took place, and Trump is doing a remarkable job exposing it and to ensure this will never happen again…

      34. I wish that I could find the reason why you think Trump is so bad. Is it because you resent successful individuals who have been able to survive and prosper without feeding at the government slop trough? Trump told the people what he planned to do and, for the most part, has kept his word. I, and many others, find this admirable. You evidently do not. If Biden becomes President, I hope you are prepared to return to the Obama service economy where we produce little or nothing but serve as a market for goods from China and other countries while they prosper and rip us off. You are correct concerning our future status in the world, it will become the lowest rank very quickly under a Biden administration.

      35. Reading your post DEAR WILLIE, I am sorry that you are so short sighted, brain washed or lacking overall independent thinking, QUESTION, did Donald Trump also fabricate the RUSSIA CONNECTION ??
        or did the 25 million plus, the tax paying people of this country gave to the Special Counselor Mueller to come up empty handed and find that the Russian Collusion reality was created by the Democratic SWAMP of our Government.

      36. Typical dumbocrat, doesn’t even know how crooked his own party is. I don’t have time to explain it to you, open your eyes and learn the facts.


      37. Trump won the election . If people who were not suppose to vote had their ballots not counted. also if the counters did not make copies of the ballots and enter them into the counters. Trump was cheated because of the fraud committed against him. The truth will come out and Trump will win the election.

    2. So why in the hell is this guy (friend of Harris) not in jail or at least facing charges,this is why all this crap is going on in the
      first place because nobody goes to jail.

      On another note,this Willie comment is short of him showing he is a total Moron.

      1. EVERYONE who is identified as participating in the massive election fraud committed a federal felony and should do federal time…NO EXCEPTIONS.


    4. Biden and the anti Americans of this country are try to steal this election no God fearing person could have never voted for Biden and the agenda they represent abortion atheism no law and order legalizing hard-core drugs like heroin methamphetamine cocain dealing with countries that back the terrorists that did such harm to our country oh yea dementia joe and company is what the people of America needs Bullshit!!!!


    6. Interesting, we have not heard any challenges by Dems in those states carried by President Trump. My guess is that the Dems suppressed the popular vote, using Dominion machines in many states, and do not want anyone to take a look and see. This would work to make us believe that Biden has some level of popular support!

    1. Insurance has always been one of the biggest rip-offs in this country . I have been driving for 52 years had insurance a few times . Then I got older and my kids grew up so I was driving their vehicles with insurance I dropped mine . now these son of a bitches want to charge me more money for something like a SWR or some shit like that . that is a bunch of bullshit !!! Before I do that I will start RUNNING OVER EVERY CAR I SEE ON THE ROAD THAT’S ADVERTISING INSURANCE COMPANIES . YOU SON OF A BITCHES BETTER STOP RIPPING PEOPLE OFF.

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