California Health Officials Admit Lockdowns are About Controlling Lives

There is nothing better than a Democratic governor such as Gavin Newsom getting exposed as the insane hypocrite that he is. His unconstitutional and unsupported lockdown rules continue to hurt people and destroy the lives of millions that work hard to have what they own. And now Newsom is content to force everyone out of business and onto the streets to live homelessly.

Newsom’s latest run of insanity focused in on which people get to have a business open and which one had to stay closed. It could be said that he allows sectors of business to stay open so his family can live like royalty. After all, he locked down the school district where he lived but allowed the private school to stay open where his kids attend.

One judge is nullifying the ridiculous orders that he is passing after another all over the state. Newsom and his lower leaders cannot justify banning outdoor dining or any other closures because science does not back any of those rules up.

His attempt to kill off California is being met with stern resistance. Dr. Mark Ghaly is the state’s Health and Human Services Secretary. He usually works with Newsom and supports what he does. But this time around, he could not bring his liberal body to fall in line.

Newsom is just too out of his mind to warrant support.

Ghaly stated in response to being asked about the data for warranting such a socialist shutdown. His reply was epic as he would state that “As it relates to the question about indoor dining or outdoor dining, I think one thing that I have tried to message and emphasize is that right now we’re seeing such high levels of transmission that…every activity that can be done differently and keep us at our homes, not mixing with others, is safer. Those are going to be the tools that help us get this under control.”

His response seems like he supports Newsom and is trying to keep the peace. Still, his honesty and frustration of covering for the loony man came out as he would state, “So the decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining, and limiting that, turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead, really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home, not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining.”

Newsom has been thrown under the bus. No science in the world supports Newsom’s crazy mindset. Ghaly also would admit that And we have worked hard with that industry to create safer outdoor dining ways to happen, to keeping tables farther apart, to ensuring that masking happens as much as possible, to create opportunities for air circulation to continue.

All of those factors make sectors like outdoor dining lower risk. But right now, with the levels of transmission that we’re seeing, we advise against anything that you can do in another way, in a lower risk way, that avoids you either leaving your home or only leaving your home in a way that doesn’t expose you and cause you to mix with others.”

He would come out and try and cover his words with supportive statements. But Ghaly is just like the rest of the state. They are all tired of being treated like prisoners in their own homes. Newsom seeks to destroy California one family at a time.

The sad part about the hypocritic rules is that many businesses are open and meet inside. There is virtually no reason why outdoor dining, or indoor dining, should not be allowed. Dinner time is open everywhere in the Union, and with no issues.

One would think that outdoor dining would be better since it has been proven that the virus hates being outside. But that is not enough for Newsom. He even rejects scientific data that proves the virus is not as big of a monster that the liberals push it to be. Newsom must think that he is smarter than the officials that deal with science every single day.

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