Crenshaw’s Epic Ad Has the Left Foaming at the Mouth

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Wait, it’s Representative Dan Crenshaw parachuting out of a plan in an amazing ad for Georgia.

This is what we need in the United States right now – a Congressman who is ready to have a little bit of fun while also promoting the need for the GOP to win Georgia in the January Senator race.

Dan Crenshaw has decided to make a few ads to promote the urgency in which Americans need to act. If we want to keep the country united, we need to get down to the polls and vote for the GOP pronto.

The first video ad that Crenshaw did focused on getting some Texans into Congress, and it ran throughout the General Election.

Now, a new video seems to be rubbing the left the wrong way – and it’s glorious.

Crenshaw has transformed himself into the superhero that Americans never knew they needed – and now they can’t get enough of him. The ad shows Crenshaw jumping out of a plane into a drop zone in Georgia. His mission: Help Senators Loeffler and Perdue get re-elected.

If this video is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Crenshaw, who has received bravery awards from Operation Red Wings in Afghanistan, wears an eye patch because he lost his eye during an IED explosion. That may need to be pointed out to those on the left, who have criticized the eye patch and the video, claiming that “he thinks he’s a hero.”

No, he doesn’t think he’s a hero – he is a hero. Period, end of sentence.

The entire video ad makes it appear as though it’s a video game. He’s given instructions on changing his drop path because Antifa is awaiting his arrival. Instead, Crenshaw wants to meet them – and drops onto the hood of their SUV as a superhero would.

The video is fantastic – and the left begins immediately seizing because they can’t even begin to figure out how to combat the epicness of this video ad.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t help that there’s a clip of AOC and other progressives in the video – and it’s all part of the call as to why we as Americans need to take action.

So, the left begins to make reports about how Crenshaw is trying to destroy the reputation of an alleged military victim who has come forward about sexual assault. The reports, of course, are completely unsubstantiated. After all, as a military veteran, why would he try to destroy the reputation of a fellow veteran?

But, that’s what the Democrats do. They lie, they point fingers, and they explode when anyone begins talking sense or doing anything that could hurt their cause.

Are any of the Democrats talking about AOC streaming on Twitch? She’s blatantly lying to an audience of over 800,000 followers.

Everything about the video that Dan Crenshaw produced is fun, entertaining, and spot-on.

We need action. We need to make a difference in the United States. More importantly, we need to pull together in order to fight the progressives that want to completely change the U.S. and rewrite history.

What does the left have to say about this? They can’t handle that this was produced by a military veteran and Congressman. They want to take jabs at him for not being a “real hero” while throwing up pictures of Senator Tammy Duckworth, a Democratic congresswoman who lost her legs while serving in the Army as the “real hero.”

Really? That’s all you got? Why is it that one “hero” has to be more heroic than the other? Why can’t we celebrate all of the military veterans who are serving in Congress?

Dan Crenshaw is simply appealing to America’s sense of humor while urging people to vote in Georgia. It’s funny, it’s real, and it’s true. Meanwhile, the left is just upset they didn’t come up with something that great for their candidates.

298 thoughts on “Crenshaw’s Epic Ad Has the Left Foaming at the Mouth”

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    1. The liberal lefts need to realize that our republic has allowed them to be where they are. When China takes over it will be their lives on the line instead of their pocketbooks.

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    1. No idea what you wrote –your entire message is in code–just like the dimorats would do.
      BUT Crenshaw has the right idea. The one thing the sorry left cannot stand is a comparison
      with a real man and hero.
      GO DAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I thought the whole ad was great!!! Well done Dan!! You make this ole gal proud to be an American and a Republican. the democrats are just upset that all they can do is tell lies, steal elections, and sell their country out to foreign nationalists and become millionaires in the process.

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