Judge Sides with Fraudulent Voters and Orders Drop Boxes Left in Place

The liberal judges that plague the nation continue to deny any and all conservatives the right to fight for what is fair. These political judges have forgotten the purpose of why they sit on the bench. They rule in favor of their criminal counterparts rather than doing what is right and taking the case. The Republicans in Georgia want the dropbox locations removed, so the possibility of fraud is minimized.

But this judge simply dismissed their request because the judge refuses to see that these drop locations are what the liberals need to stash their fraudulent ballots in. Democrats are the most skeptical people. Even when they have evidence shoved in front of their sad little faces, they still refuse to see the truth.

All of them live by the belief that they can change the truth to mean what they want it to mean. They never trust Republicans when things are designed and ready to be implemented.

This was clearly seen in the way that Andrew Cuomo acted when the vaccine came out under Trump. He stated that he would let it be used in New York because it was made under a Republican president’s leadership.

The liberals know that they are going to have to cheat to win Georgia. They know that they are going to have to pull off another heist to take control of the Senate. And they will need the help of their blind judges to make sure things are left in place so their fake ballots can be used again.

All eyes on Georgia, and it seems that what happened before the national election is starting to happen in Georgia. The Democrats set up a fraud ring and meticulously played their cards to make the outcome be in their favor. They are going to try and pull the same stunt in Georgia, and things will come to a grinding halt just long enough for them to find their fraudulent ballots.

Chief Judge Randall Hall is the blind judge who refuses to believe that any fraud can occur. This naïve man just cannot bring himself to admit that the Democrats are capable of cheating again. So, he denied the Republicans the right to secure the election and make it fair for everyone.

The judge stated that it was way too early to make those kinds of allegations. He would rather wait until it was too late to do anything. He stated that “We are not even on the eve of an election. We are, as it relates to this particular election, closing in on halftime.” It is all a game to him.

He wants to wait and playthings out like a game. After all, he already sits in a seat of power. He has nothing to lose if the Democrats rig everything and take control. His new masters will pay him off for allowing them an avenue of cheating in the Georgia run-off election.

The Republicans also wanted to keep the liberals from opening the ballots until election day. This would keep them from being able to change things in their favor. But this small judge living on a power trip denied them the right to make things fair.

This run-off election is so crucial that the very well-being of the country hangs in the balance. The liberals are determined to destroy America and strip away the freedoms that so many have died for in order to protect them. But the Democrats do not care about these fallen heroes because they only care about themselves.

So far, there are well over a million people that have voted in the Georgia election. The run-off election count polls are so close that it is anyone’s guess as to which person will win the Senate seats.

President Trump has been to the state several times, promoting the importance of getting out and voting for the Republicans. Freedom is on the line, and no one wants to see them all disappear. The liberals have cheated the American people, and they cannot be allowed to get away with the proverbial murder of a free nation.

90 thoughts on “Judge Sides with Fraudulent Voters and Orders Drop Boxes Left in Place”

        1. The liberal left, most were appointed during the reigns of Bozo and some rinos like the Bushie family. And yes, they need to be removed for political agendas not legal standings. I believe the judicial side of this triad of power in the USA needs some immediate revisions to have a way to fire these politicians on the bench.

      1. To begin with why didn’t the republicans appeal his decision . I blame this entire fiasco on the Republicans. They should have demanded the voting machines not be used; mail-in not be permitted. If it meant appeal, after appeal, they should have done it. What we have is the Rhinos now in charge, McConnell leading them. Many Republicans refusing to vote Republican for what happened to Pres. Trump certainly also does not help. Also the people of America did not come out in full force to demand a re-election. If every person that voted for Pres. Trump came out in a countrywide protest and demanded a new election it would have happened but they didn’t. This required organization and there was no leader to organize a nationwide turnout in every state. The Republicans totally lack the leadership conservatives and moderates as well as independents need.

      2. The judges had taken an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution. What these judges have done is against the law, and that causes them immediately to be removed from their positions. Taking the oath to defend the U.S. Constitution is the same a a signed contract. They should be terminated for default!

    1. Looks to me like everyone in government just HATES Trump!!! Seems like they just can’t stand to have him win!!! I can’t believe all these politicians are corrupt but I guess you have to be corrupt to be a politician???

      1. Money is power. Money is the greatest evil of all & these corrupt only care for one thing — ME, MYSELF & I — I AM THEY ARE THE NEW GODs of corruption, evil, lust & greed of money, sexual exploitation of our innocent, human trafficking & genocide of the human race,etc. That’s what has been going on in Xinjiang — genocide of the Uyghur Muslims! WHO NEEDS GOD when Communist China thinks they are the new Gods!

      2. Everyone with something to gain via the dim wits or who does not want the law to catch up to them. It is the amuck establishment. Power and fear and monetary gain not real patriots at all. And it does show. They fear discovery or the end of their corruption schemes.

    2. YOU MEAN, HE STOLE THE VOTE!! If you can’t or won’t recognize the corruption & fraud that is being carried out right under your nose, then you could care less of what happens to your country. Come on, Democrats! Do you want to see a once thriving democratic nation living under Communist rule? Communist China has infiltrated the whole of North America, not just the United States!! Communist China, decades ago, started putting its sinister plan into action to rule worldwide! Is it any wonder the CCP’s started right her in America decades ago (the strongest & most powerful nation on earth). When CPP’s corrupt plan materializes, do you Democrats & all its cohorts-in-crime connected with Communist China will favour you & your family for your decision to go along with their evil plan. Once they have everyone under their thumb, you’ll find yourselves right alongside all American citizens controlled by their communist regime. You will not receive preferential treatment. They will steal all the filthy rich multi-billionaires financial power. They will stab you in the back, as you are doing to the rest of America right now. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll be spared. Your control & power will be the first to go!

    1. You have to remember who pays the the military. I’m sure some of the soldiers might look a blind eye if offered the right amount of $ if 0ffered by the crooked government of ours.

  1. Chief Judge Randall Hall, Merry Christmas! You have just qualified for an 0400 visit by Delta Force, Marine Recon, Navy Seals–anyone on call in January. After POTUS invokes the Insurrection Act of 1807, you will get a delayed X-Mas present: Santa has a beautiful Ankle bracelet, a black drawstring hoodie, plastic cuffs, and a free, all-expense paid one way trip to…drumroll please! Guantanamo, Cuba, where your blindfold rendition flight can take you on to Honduras for the local sport of…waterboarding, reserved for Traitors, along with HRC, Hussein, and all your very best friends! Happy New Year!

    1. Is there no way to stop these liberal judges???Can they be asked to recuse themselves?
      Can you get a petition for people to sign and force him to step down?
      You could get 100,000 signatures in twenty for hours on line?????

  2. I agree. Until we show these traitors that when you cheat there is a price to pay nothing will change. Time to bring justice to everyone who has had a hand in the CHEATING that went on in this election no matter if they are a peon or a high up muckity muck.

    1. That’s right. If we don’t stand up now and protest this and demand change for the good, then we might as well be on there side. Their crooked side is not my side or 4 me. They can’t by me or rule me. I like my freedom. Power 2 the People.

  3. Chief Justice Randall Hall is not a blind judge, he knows exactly what he is committing fraud. This is not a naive person, this is a swindler, a criminal who, using his power, deliberately breaks the Constitution, stealing the votes of honest Americans who voted for the Republicans and puts these votes in the same way as he is – thieving demonokrats.


    1. I don’t know if Marshall law will even work!! Our government is so corrupt it’s hard to believe anything anymore. Our country is going down the tubes!!! There is nothing sacred anymore. It’s all corrupt!!

  5. I petition Georgian Republican & democrat citizens of the USA, our country is on the brink of a socialist imposed government imposed on us by a slow infiltration of Communist doctrine that has been going on for years. CCP is using Biden to achieve maximal impact as he may be in a position of greater influence IF he takes the presidency. My prayer is that he won’t but POTUS Trump has been the thorn on their side and that is why they are doing everything in their finite minds to pull a coup de tat. Our children, fathers, uncles, aunts and mothers have fought to keep this country free. We ask wholeheartedly that the Senate and Congress elections have be Republican conservatives. They will keep our country free, but if all 3 branches are Democrat we are in for a catastrophe while the Democratic party rank will do all it can to appease communist patriots and countries leaving us in danger of losing our livelihood and all we have worked for and potentially our lives. Fellow patriots we’re praying for you for strength and conviction to do the right thing and vote for our conservative values. We will stand for righteousness for ALL. GOD BLESS YOU IN JESUS HOLY NAME

  6. That’s right. If we don’t stand up now and protest this and demand change for the good, then we might as well be on there side. Their crooked side is not my side or 4 me. They can’t by me or rule me. I like my freedom. Power 2 the People.

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      ATTEMPTED COUP THWARTED BY REAL PATRIOTS.                                LOST LAWSUITS: 89+ and COUNTING. DRUMPF being thrown out of court by Republican, as well as Democratic, JUDGES across the US. LACK OF EVIDENCE!!!!                                  DRUMPF is the “BIGLYEST” presidential “LOSER” of ALL TIME!!
    “MASSIVE” 306 Electoral College votes!!!                   
    NOW “MASSIVE” 7+ MILLION POPULAR VOTES!!!!!!!                “HUUUGE” BIDEN/HARRIS MANDATE!!!!!!                                         GO JOE/KAMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                 
    PUTIN/ASSAD LAUGHING AT DRUMPF.                                              Putin and Assad caught mocking Trump.   .            https://youtu.be/F8Wl1C5BEOU          KELLYANNE CONWAYS’ ADMISSION THAT BIDEN/HARRIS WON ELECTION    https://youtu.be/wFEB8gf7NI            GET READY FOR IT!!!                                TWICE(Soon to be 3 times)the SupremeCourt(unanimously 9-0 BOTH TIMES) has thrown out the DRUMPF LAWYER CLOWN SHOW on their INEPT, INCOMPETENT ASSES with a one line RULING, CASE 1: “The application for injunctive relief presented to Justice [Samuel] Alito and by him referred to the Court is denied.”                   
    SECOND CASE “DENIED                       CRAWL BACK INTO THE SNAKE PIT YOU SLITHERED OUT OF!!!!!                         At first, I was disgusted with DRUMPFS reinstatement of the FIRING SQUAD for executions, but NOW I think Guiliani(and his CLOWN SHOW LAWYERS), Ken Paxton,  ALL 18 AG’s, Ted Cruz and the 106 SORRY A** REPUGLICAN House members who also signed on to this SEDITIOUS lawsuit, should be the VERY FIRST to face such a SQUAD!!!!!

  8. As The old saying goes: “Freedom isn’t FREE”. We may be approaching the time in this country when we have to take up arms against this criminal class of people, commonly known as Democrats, aka; Socialists and Communists.

  9. And here we go again! The Repubs sit on there asses and let it happen. Just jerk those boxes off the streets. Problem solved. If those judges don’t follow the law then we don’t have to either. That’s works both ways you know? When the judge says you can’t do that, just ignore them like they do with the laws they don’t like.

    1. The entire judicial system has been corrupted by the Obama administration. Every one of that administration should be in Gitmo and charged as domestic terrorist. The entire Biden family belongs in Gitmo as well. What some voters have done to America will never be able to be undone and this country will be a 3rd world cabal with a very bleak future. I have never seen such self-distruction as what what we are living right now.

  10. If the DOJ or the elected officials don’t do something and fix this problem, also put the culprits in jail, we ought to all go to DC and put some pressure on them and run them out of town.

  11. It looks like the USA is headed towards a three-party polity. EverTrumpers, NeverTrumpers and Democrats. Should only last a decade before it reverts to two-party but don’t forget that the Peronistas kept going for five decades after the death of Peron. Sean McGinn

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