Dem NM Sheriff Refuses to Obey His Party’s Wishes

In cities and states all across the US, Democratic leaders have imposed near tyrannical lockdowns and strict measures due to COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic.

And as a result, America has suffered enormously.

So I guess it’s a good thing Americans on both sides of the political aisle see these mandates as what they really are: panic-induced and power-grabbing efforts.

One of the most recent examples comes to us from Bernalillo County, New Mexico, where the sheriff has decided to defy both his governor and his party for the sake of the people.

Sheriff Manuel Gonzales is a lifelong Democrat but one who has faithfully served both his community and his nation, first by enlisting in the United States Marine Corps and then taking a job in his county’s sheriff’s office, where he has worked for over 25 years.

Gonzales made a public statement Friday, via a video posted to the sheriff department’s website, saying that rather than choosing to live in fear, as much of his party has done of late, he is committed to actually doing what his community needs, even if that means ignoring state leadership.

He said, “This year, my office listened to numerous citizens concerned about what has been categorized as ‘oppressive lockdown mandates.’” He went on to say that these mandates have “significantly impacted countless New Mexicans’ livelihoods, health and well-being.”

And he is done watching them suffer.

So he is going to put his office to work doing what they should be, pursuing real criminals and not making law-abiding citizens into “villains.”

“Some elected officeholders have prioritized turning everyday citizens into villains for simply attempting to live their lives in the pursuit of happiness. It is my opinion that the resources of the sheriff’s office should be focused on making our communities safe and more prosperous for everyday citizens. As sheriff, duly elected by the Bernalillo County citizens, I choose to direct this agency’s time and resources toward enforcing the laws deemed to keep the people free of crime.”

He went on to note that while others in law enforcement or leadership want to keep everything locked down out of fear, he and his officers would be focused on putting real crime to a stop and maintaining people’s constitutional rights intact.

Gonzales stated, “Overreaching restrictions will only hurt our community. For that reason, we will not follow along with any orders that subvert your constitutional rights. Therefore, my agency’s focus will continue to be on public safety, apprehending actual criminals and not harassing everyday citizens attempting to make a life for themselves and their families in Bernalillo County.”

Now, I imagine, New Mexico’s Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is going to take this very well, especially considering she was the one who imposed a two-week-long, statewide lockdown of nearly everything over the Thanksgiving holiday.

However, I also don’t know that there is much she can do about Gonzales’s decision. It’s not like he’s saying he won’t encourage mask-wearing or social distancing, or even having businesses closed if need be. He’s just not going to go out of his way to spend valuable time and resources making sure what Lujan Grisham wants Lujan Grisham gets.

And as several law enforcement officials and those with law degrees from around the country have noted, these mandates, at their very core, are executive orders. They are not laws written into state or federal constitutions. And as such, they can’t really be punished.

Legally, they have no ground to stand on, especially when placed next to our constitutionally and God-given rights.

And Gonzales is not about to put his community in jeopardy or spread unnecessary fear by going along with the Democratic left’s threats of jail, fines, or anything else. He knows that’s the last thing his county needs right now.

Instead, they need someone to stand beside them and fight for them – to fight for the simple right to live their lives pursuing freedom and happiness.

If only more Democratic leaders thought this way, instead of focusing on their desire for more power and control.

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