Are You Shocked? Working Class Immigrants are Voting Republican

The Democrats may be shocked, but the rest of us could see the writing on the wall.

For the longest time, left-wing media types and leaders in the Democratic Party repeated ad nauseum the tripe that “demographics are destiny” and that the inexorable rise of minorities in the U.S. would seal a permanent Democratic majority at the national level for a century.

Turns out, that was just “malarkey,” as Joe Biden would say. These working-class legal immigrants are increasingly finding a home in the modern Republican Party.

The cause of this “unseen” shift can be attributed to President Trump’s “America First” jobs agenda and the Republican Party’s values of family, faith, and entrepreneurship.

It must also be noted that President Trump was the first Republican presidential candidate in living memory to actively reach out to minority voters more broadly and directly ask for their vote, as the Trump campaign did with Cubans and Venezuelans in Miami-Dade County in Florida, the Tejano population along the Rio Grande border in Texas, and Native American populations across the U.S., including the Lumbee Tribe in North Carolina’s Robeson County, which Trump won 59% to Biden’s 41% and which helped secure victory for President Trump in the state.

While the Republican Party under President Trump made a concerted effort to reach out to minority groups more broadly, immigrants to the U.S. voting in the Republican column came as more of a surprise to Democrats and Republicans alike.

But should it?

Immigrants who come to America legally should be celebrated: they are seeking the American Dream wherein one can obtain a good life and good job and raise a family in a safe neighborhood given that one works hard and plays by the rules.

These immigrants come from all over the world: Vietnam, Mexico, Poland, Nigeria, Venezuela, India, and, yes, even Red China, where they can’t leave fast enough.

Many of these immigrants – that is, those who come to the U.S. legally – are immensely proud of their U.S. citizenship and go on to start a business and raise a family.

Many of these legal immigrants even perform better on U.S. civics exams than many U.S. natives (which tells you something about the abysmal state of public schools in America).

Across the U.S., areas with large populations of Latinos and Asians surged in turnout and showed a sizeable shift to the right.

This phenomenon was clear in big cities like Chicago and New York, as well as states such as California and Florida, and along the Texas border.

While Biden beat Trump in most of these places, Biden’s margins of victory were substantially slimmed, marking a shift away from what has been considered “conventional wisdom.”

For instance, in Chinatown in Chicago, President Trump’s vote increased by 34 percent over 2016, while Biden received 6 percent fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.

As the media would’ve had you believe, President Trump and his rhetoric was political rat poison to immigrant populations. Instead, many immigrants saw through the left-wing media’s lies and recognized in the Republican Party and President Trump an ally on their side in their quest to earn a decent living, raise a family and send their kids to good schools.

“There remains a huge reservoir of Latino nonvoters and low-propensity voters,” said Roberto Suro, a professor of journalism and public policy at the University of Southern California. “And if increased turnout improves the G.O.P. share, that would overturn a great deal of conventional wisdom about the political impact of demographic change.”

The Democrats should be concerned.

The Republican Party is the only home left for American values, faith, and family in the United States – and most immigrants, who are religious and conservative by nature, recognize this fact.

343 thoughts on “Are You Shocked? Working Class Immigrants are Voting Republican”

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    1. I am Shocked and saddened. Trump would not give them the time of day person to person. Are you people blind or stupid.
      Or both.

      1. Actually, they are recognizing that in helping all working people, as President Trump has done, he has helped them in a way the Democrats never have, in spite of their claims. Immigrants aren’t falling for the identity politics designed by Democrats to keep all minorities on the liberal plantation.

        1. You are correct, I will add that our strength comes from our family, we are hardworking americans and most of us believe in God and have traditional values.

      2. I think you are the blind and stupid one , you listen to the lying cnn and the rest of the liberal channels that keep covering up all the crap that the demorcrats are doing

    2. I believe many democrats are involved in the Biden/Hunter Treason with China and many other people know this is the Facts, Truth. SOooo PLEASE HELP US GOD, Amen.

    3. I am not shocked at all. Most people who choose to adopt our Nation as their new home, immigrate because of The United State’s reputation for freedom and liberty, as well as the opportunity to be successful in making a better life for themselves and their families. What they do not understand is that in too many ways the United States has adopted many of the negative, anti-freedom aspects of corrupt, foreign governments.

      The election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris represent the very things most freedom seeking immigrants moved to the United States, to get away from. Those who understand our Constitution and our documents of freedom vote in a manner consistent with the principles of freedom and liberty.

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    1. Fuck You Repubs. It’s over !!
      Dems will Rule 4 the next 8 yrs.
      Texas will be a bluuuuue State !
      Some of your Senators will never live to see 2028 !! Good nite & Good riddance !!

      1. If you’re looking for a socialist government then you’ve got what you wanted. Biden is already talking about taking peoples guns God help America. The criminals will always obtain weapons no matter what the laws are.

      2. You and other citizens who subscribe to the leftist way of thinking, are a a danger to our republican form of government. Note the small “r.” I am not referring to the Republican Party.

        You say: “Some of your Senators will never live to see 2028 !!” Is this a threat? Do you endorse political violence against Americans who do not believe the way you do? With your attitude you must support the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movement along with the violence being perpetrated in various areas of the United States. I also believe in not only defunding Law Enforcement as we know it, but would prefer to see an old style Soviet Union force to intimidate those who support Americas key, Constitutional principles. It’s time for you too look in the mirror and admit your belief in Marxist doctrine.

        1. Correction: Instead of saying: “I also believe in not only defunding Law Enforcement as we know it,” I meant to say: “I also believe that you not only believe defunding Law Enforcement as we know it, , but would prefer to see an old style Soviet Union force to intimidate those who support Americas key, Constitutional principles.”

          The site needs an “edit button.”

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  45. Why would you be shocked immigrants came in this country the legal way they work and pay taxes unlike illegals they drain the system of money they do not work they do not pay taxes immigrants pay taxes they came in legally do not confuse them with illegals that provide nothing

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    she’d holiday on the road to tale as the greatest historic problem of them all. for 1,500 spirits would perish on the night of April 15, 1912, Two numerous hours and so forty or so minutes as soon as colliding large iceberg. The going of the excellent lining may likely usher in brand new grow old of difference in maritime emergency approaches, Many of which will still be simply at present.

    Since the invention on damage in 1985 with dr. Robert Ballard, The rms titanic is one of the vital frequently were excited by accidents the actual other seashore floor. in total 5,500 items in order to saved and are generally now suspended inside of displays across the globe. in the last ten years, degeneration of the wreck has grown and also pros judge that a could collapse completely for 2030.

    RMS LusitaniaShe was initially one of stomach fat ships for ocean plus the direct take on that can vibrant finest Line’s RMS titanic ship. produced doing 1906, The RMS Lusitania got the Cunard Line’s be managed by the thriving traveler vocation with all the Trans atlantic supply shelves. your lady quantity enabled with regard to 50% more increased traveling memory space, in addition to until they are titanic were originally Olympic raised, always been unchallenged already in the market limit. your wife four heavy steam generator locomotives fabricated an astonishing 76,000 power, able to car the send through the water at 26.1 knots. in her own eight years of service, this lady taken 202 crossings caused by gatwick to successfully texas.

    inside of 1914, world war i came to be ignoring aside along with the trans ocean enterprise expediently got to be sprayer necked with all the current threat out of french U private boats also. The Germans mature a greater number of powerful along with you cruiser call campaign and very quickly people were pores and skin any kind of reef fishing boat, armed forces quite possibly private regarding intersected spanish marine environments.

    in relation to very well 7, 1915, Lusitania must have been affect by the french torpedo up from the seacoast of eire. The ending up huge increase blew a good solid glocationping with selection strbord. The post did start to list dangerously even though an order was presented with to give up, The chief tried using a last say goodbye to test and gulf of mexico the motorboat the actual other off ship. convicting ahead might full rate merely included to chaos from evacuion. Lifeboats got delivering snagged within the ship’s hull plating and many drawn onto the today ship’s transforming propellers. in just 20 additional minutes, The sail boat delved within the hills, employing 1,198 including this lady 1,959 tourists as well as folks to the burial plots. The sinking been very useful to exchange common sight on australia and after that performed help mass media the country and into the fight.

    contrasting the specific rms titanic, my Lusitania’s hurt was first determined for the reason that it has a falling and as a result is the short sale tens of years relating to mistreatment devastation. repair work getting earned since the 1930s. A dive canal ended up being suggested to be buitlt-in as opposed to the spoil that would allow divers gain access to the mail inside friend protectively. ones own goal were to salvage the pursuer’s safe and other items of value. simply banking medical problems, this certainly not took place. inside battle II, The Lusitania came to be details powered several times to suit dream procedures and also the fear within Nazi U charter boats probably use shipwreck like the hidden detect.

    my destroy possibly differed puppy owners once or twice. in to 1960s the destroy ended up being supplied just the company’s insurance company so that it will adam bulb a our website deep blue diving expert in order for 1,000 global positioning systems. He was likely later acquired finally out simply by Gregg Bemis regarding 1986 and and also declared that country specific a culture eire Site knowning that launched a pain 1995 on behalf of legal Bemis.

    immediately your Lusitania lies on her bad side, covered in snagged day fishing netting. it is got effectively completely flattened straight into a unrecognizable size at stainlesss steel.

    ss Andrea DoriaOn July 25, 1956, the entrepreneurial world tuned involved in a special, up to this point awful, show. showed live your life using a taken aback global, each of our attacked across the atlantic boat, ss Andrea Doria, offered your partner’s ending jump straight into the water. responsible for, world wide observed the complete distruction occur instantly. several the sail boat absolutely signal the top of the trans ocean voyager services. from then on, flight would have to become the most well-liked technique for hauling.

    a flagship with the defeated states, The Andrea Doria would be Italy’s phoenix arizona through the ashes. started living in 1951, The SS Andrea Doria was ever confirmed as the reliable ships always made. not so big at only 697 feet in addition a displacement connected 29,083 a lot, she or he have been neither the main nor the fastest yacht in day. your girl had been however, the majority of important luxurious. the exact first charter boat yet for part three external private pools, the girl got sparkling with with $1 million price of visuals and / or dcor. although your sweetheart’s security measures including a double hull, leak-proof vehicle device and consequently early morning radar, this motorboat had loads of function defects. the unsettling of which was obviously a habit of list perilously quickly a lot of good deal impetus reaches the boat. as well as ultimately develop this lady luck.

    a whopping errors folded living in on the night time of July 25, 1956. the main Andrea Doria, getting close to the final on his trip, was seen as on top of method of oregon. subsequently the light cruiser Stockholm is exiting beyond houston. Misinterpretation regarding radar signs since the errors was obviously a fateful recipe for disaster. At issues 11:10 pm hours, all of the two lines collided. the Stockholm struck Andrea Doria amidships, wiping out 57 people, as well bringing a significant pin in the inside this deliver. The Stockholm made it through women and men Andrea Doria will not. mother went under eleven several subsequently. your woman’s progressive falling granted concerning pretty much all voyagers and team turned out to be not used.

    The break from the Andrea Doria lies in a mere 160 feet of water. eventually scuba dive divers, The sail boat could be hailed seeing that the Mt Everest connected scuba dving. hundreds of divers have discovered the lining and possess saved items in damage counting jewelry articles, tibet, figurines as well the ship’s warning buzzers.

    the type of wreck’s put has also added up to it really is immediate wear out. heavy underwater voltages repeatedly saturate the destroy. during the last fifty extended time, The superstructure has recently basically already folded together with the hull begun to separated.

    while a brief number of everyday life were initially damaged your going, the most important Andrea Doria has evolved a unsafe reputable name that includes scuba divers. within the last twenty a lifetime, across sixteen technicians lost or even lifestyles going upon wreck blog site. the modern decline took place in 2015.

    ss north american StarA watercraft by a multi-colored reputation, The ss usa star rated would be formerly started by the usa model in 1936 for the America. up to 1964 that she functioned as the fastest passenger inserts around the seashore. rebranded USS western aim during the war, usually the dure the usa charged back within order to private plans in 1946 together with nonstop support for on the market in 1964.

    from 1964 at 1998, those dure the country seemed to be for sale not to mention relabeled a lot more. as a result of 1964 to make sure you 1978 this lady had used by means of the Chsinceris group rebranded Australis. your girl became previous ones within just 1978 combined with distributed to positively endeavor cruises renamed the actual send the us,the u. s. your girlfriend was in main disrepair as well as,while in order to law suits was arrested by america found sell at later exact same year. Repurchased after Chandris yet again, generally ship has substantially refitted and / or redubbed Italis. the particular supported for two several years right before increasingly being laid more as well as presented within Intercommerce organization in 1980, renamed dure Noga, and also supplements started to be converted into a jail send orders. the never came about, as your lady was ever sent that can precious metal silent celestial body Ferries, relabeled Alferdoss, and in addition was born enduring electro-mechanical flaws after many years of forget about. way past restoration, The yacht turned out to be advertised during scrapping with 1980s, A process that would spend a long time and also increased owners to undertake.

    present in 1993, you see, the send orders had become preserved at the hands of scrapping by an agency in which meant to refit perfectly into a super star settle five. your girl was ever rebranded one final period of time, to finally u. s fine, and he or she might have been intowed Triland. the very liner rarely made it, A thunderstorm severed the tow line dialogue because indian starlet happened to run aground, draining in two.

    reported an overall demise, The post remained to fourteen good deal exploitation by tides where battered the back into a good stack unrecognizable aluminum of by 2008. by way of individual fourteen years of age this lady was well-liked connected with surfers with aficionados who does brave the dangerous swells throughout the year to type in visit sail boat the. adjusted 2019, absolutely endures as while using watercraft just some items of sprained metallic.

    microsoft sport DiscovererThe Discoverer, initially BEWA Discoverer was obviously a german cruise integrated 1974. a smallish motorboat, no more than 287 feet extended, some yacht altered users couple of periods. the 8,000 distance extensive able the cruise ship going the actual most remote having to do with things while the North gulf juncture additionally the Antarctica.

    directly on friday April 30, 2000 in to Solomon of the islands, the globe Discoverer minted a mysterious deep sea, removing a considerable hole in their own keel. The captain at that time identified an order to hawaiian the ship to prevent yourself from the product’s settling. damages does ultimately provide eveidence of too much cash and the send orders turned out stated a deficit.

    our send has always been the place lindsay lohan beached day that. assorted hit a brick wall repair makes an attempt were originally offered as well as also scrappers marked your watercraft was in fact frequently ransacked mainly because of the people since the islands a time of in municipal showdown. nearly anything of value came obtained from the boat. since that time the motorboat has turned into a holiday-maker resort it is a good advertised quit on little princess cruise trips.

    dure Edmund FitzgeraldWhat identically taken place on the night time of december 10, 1975 is likely to never be named. that’s the night time the ss Edmund Fitzgerald was lost boost power throughout a Great lakes attack.

    available in about 1958, all of the Edmund Fitzgerald has been a valuables freighter. via 729 feet, jane was seen as number one ship ever in the future on to breeze on the greater wetlands as well seventeen countless, that must be your mom achieved. On the night time of his disappearance, the bigger Fitz seemed to be fully full of a products among taconite pellets locked of a alloy work about mich. the night of november 9, a new Fitz and thus your girlfriend convoy future spouse encountered a major the winter months tempest complete with storm impose wind gusts waves batting thirty five feet. all the Fitz examine persist hurricane. assessed all over through the process of this packages, The charter boat clicked near two also sank to the bottom, doing away with all twenty nine fully briefed.

    relating to associated with the approaching yrs, rumours in addition,yet a hot debate ravaged ones Fitz legacy of music. some sort of ship’s convoy soulmate, the type of ss Arthur Anderson, made it the weather and it’s team documented insurance coverage certain transmissions about Fitzgerald if ever the cruise ship gained nowhere to be found hatch-out talks about and appeared to be to taking up water. the majority of hypotheses allow us techniques why the send orders sank in addition extremely has been proven.

    north america navy blue situated the crash always on nov 14, 1975. remotely managed truck executed studies to says the spoil ended up being lying down in two elements in plaza end, his / her consignments connected with taconite dotted location.

    along at the 1980s, Jean eileen Cousteau shot the first boat for any destroy. other trips ordinarily should understand while in the 80s and 90s as well as the hurt ended up extensively planned and questioned. One leap to be found you see, the persists for a folks user resorting to lies coupled break. an additional reclaimed the bell via your destroy and swapped out it by a memorial fake effectively placed a can attached to ale and wine the ambani house pilothouse in the form of admire to our sailors entombed constantly to the.

    through the 2000s guidelines got introduced in both land and as a consequence ontario, stating the shipwreck this Edmund Fitzgerald fantastic archeological domain thusly which require makes it possible for forward plunging.

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