As Liberals Cry for Illegal Immigrants ICE Arrests Them

Why is it that liberals seem more concerned with protecting illegal immigrants as opposed to American citizens? Illegal immigrants that are constantly found guilty of committing crimes, beyond simply entering the country without a visa, are protected by Democrats each and every day.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was set up as a way to arrest illegal immigrants and ensure that they are deported back to their home country. It’s a way to keep peace, law, and order throughout the country.

For the most part, illegal immigrants who aren’t committing crimes aren’t arrested or deported. They can fly under the radar because ICE is after those who are committing violent crimes – murder, sexual assault, and more.

Even knowing that ICE is trying to help to remove the violent criminals off of the streets, liberals focus on ways to protect them. They set up sanctuary cities and they cry that their bleeding hearts are breaking anytime an illegal immigrant is arrested or even denied the same rights as American citizens.

ICE has to get the job done. It’s the only way to offer peace of mind to American citizens.

In fiscal year 2020, ICE said that 90 percent of those they arrested had charges or convictions. More importantly, it averaged to four convictions or charges per individual. This means that they’re repeat offenders.

How is it that someone guilty of committing crimes is allowed to stay in the country and continue to commit more and more crimes? It’s because of the liberals.

Left-winged liberals will sit there all day long and provide sob stories as to why these illegal immigrants need to be protected. They’ll purposely avoid prosecuting. They’ll move the individuals into a sanctuary city just to keep them away from ICE. Would they do the same for any criminal? Absolutely not. Just the illegal ones.

103,000 administrative arrests were made and, in total, there were more than 374,0000 combined convictions and charges. That shows that it’s critical that ICE be allowed to do their job. We have to remove the violent criminals who are here illegally.

Why should they be allowed to stay when they prove time and again that they’re not willing to follow our laws? Why should we help them with healthcare and housing and employment when they can’t even promise not to rape or murder people?

It doesn’t matter what kind of life they would live in Central America. It doesn’t matter how war-torn their country is.

The simple reality is that we have laws. If you’re going to live in the United States, you have to follow the laws. We don’t ask a lot. Don’t assault people, don’t kidnap people, and don’t commit sex crimes. Yet, the criminal histories of those arrested by ICE have such crimes listed by the thousands.

According to ICE reports, 185,000 immigrants were deported – and that includes over 4200 were suspected or known gang members and at least 30 that were suspected or known terrorists.

Think about the number of crimes ICE has been able to prevent for 2021 by removing the gang members, the terrorists, and those responsible for all of the other crimes being committed.

Even with all of these hard facts, Democrats still want to cry out for the illegal immigrants. They want to find a better way to deal with those who are entering the country. They want to use hard-earned American tax dollars to baby the hardened criminals who only want to take advantage of the system.

All of the work that ICE has done in fiscal year 2020 may be coming to an end. Biden has already promised to issue a moratorium to pause ICE deportations. So much for him following in Obama’s footsteps with being the Deporter in Chief. Meanwhile, Kamala Harris dreams up the idea of opening borders so that Americans can live in peace and harmony with everyone – including the rapists and murderers.

That’s just fantastic. We’re stuck with four years of bleeding hearts and the possibility of more crime knocking on our door.

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