Schumer’s Ready to Take the Lead on Bankrupting America

Chuck Schumer has been waiting to get his hands on the Senate as the Majority Leader. Now, he may be able to get his own podium so he doesn’t have to share with Nancy Pelosi. His dreams are coming true, and all he sees are dollar signs.

The New York Democrat can’t wait to start spending the money that the fiscally responsible GOP has been keeping him from.

He’s already thrown out some expensive ways in which to “help” Americans.

How about canceling $50,000 of student loan for every American? While everyone would love the financial help on loans, what about those who worked hard to pay it all off? What about those who just graduated and took those loans out in good faith that they would pay them back?

Chuck Schumer isn’t looking at ways in which to help the economy. He just wants Americans to be happy with him.

He’s also in full support of a third stimulus check. His thought is to send out $2,000 to every American under a certain threshold this time. Whether the people are employed right now or not, he wants to give out checks because he thinks that will make everything better.

He’s willing to bribe Americans into liking the idea that the Democrats are in control of everything. Why would it matter to him? It’s not his money that he’s using.

There’s an ulterior motive with Schumer. He’s up for re-election in 2022. He’s already identified that he’s planning to run. However, he’s going to have some very young, very liberal competition going for his seat. Although Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t confirmed that she plans on running against him, the comments have been made.

The $2,000 stimulus checks aren’t just Schumer’s doing, though. Trump criticized the $600 checks for being “ridiculously low.” In an effort to get the checks out to Americans right away, the stimulus bill with the $600 payout was approved.

Joe Biden was quick to say that the checks would “never” get there if the Republicans won the Senate race in Georgia. That’s to say that Perdue and Loeffler were offering lip service in order to get more of the votes.

Biden was also quick to promote Ossoff and Warnock as the ones needed for people to see the $2,000 stimulus check. It’s likely that many people in Georgia voted purely on that – they want the money and they’ll put whomever they need in office to get it.

The only thing that Biden really did was confirm that he and Schumer are of a similar mindset. They’re both looking to spend money that the country doesn’t have. They’re fiscally irresponsible liberals that will have the country bankrupted in no time at all.

Mitch McConnell acted as the voice of reason as the Senate Majority Leader. He blocked the vote to increase the check to $2,000. He called it “socialism for rich people.” He went on to share data that many of the upper-middle-class has managed to hold onto their jobs and remain financially comfortable. Therefore, why provide checks to people who don’t need them?

Now that the voice of reason is the minority leader of the House instead of the majority leader, there’s literally nothing standing in the way of Chuck Schumer and the rest of the Dems from passing bills left and right.

Schumer isn’t who we wanted to be running the Senate. He actually went to the same high school as Bernie Sanders, growing up in Brooklyn. He graduated from both Harvard and Harvard Law School. Then, he was elected to the New York State Assembly at the age of 23. He was a Congressman by 29 and a Senator by 47.

Although Schumer may have a law degree, he’s never held a job other than public office. He has no ability to identify what the American people actually need. He’s the epitome of a politician. And now he holds the purse strings to America’s economy.

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  40. Schumer has always taken the lead in bankrupting the Country. The only politics he knows are identity politics and buying votes with the citizen’s money.

  41. any spending bill the house and senate may pass must have new taxes to pay for the cost of such spending. we are 26 trillion dollars in debt and they want to spent another 8 trillion dollars to increase the debt in all saying we do not want to carry this debt on to our children and their children children and this what exactly what they will be doing. but where are we going to be cutting. 1st start with congress expense accounts, then their health benefits making it co pay with the government, pensions should never exceed the average salary of the citizens they represent, and last cut their salaries in half and salary increases should be voted upon by the citizens they represent. i think this would be a good start to saying taxpayers money

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  43. Chuck Schumer is a socialist Pig and a treasonous bastard. Him and the democratic cult should be disbanded and put in prison for life. Joe Biden is not and never will be my president !!!!!

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  47. People we’ve seen the Treasonous democrats steal every election in 2020. We’ve seen the democrats cause Destroying American Cities, We’ve seen these Communist PIGS commit every offence imaginable just in the past 2 months, Not to count their Treachery and Treason throughout President Trump time in office.
    There are a few good Americans here in America that have and are standing up to try and save America from these Communist democrat Terrorists. But, thats just not enough. if President Trump doesnt invoke the insurrection Act and Declare Martial Law to stop these Treacherous Traitors and get, either, all the elections’ machines, and data and have the Military preform a forensic Investigation as to who is really the President elect, or President Trump and the Military conduct a New Election, overseen by the Military. The over 100,000,000 Million Americans that have lost their vote because of the fraud needs to form a Civilian Militia as stated in the 2nd Amendment and, either demand a New Election, or Remove these Traitor from office, jail them all, charge them with Election Fraud, sedition and TREASON, and put them in prison.
    America, if this isnt done there will be a Black Winter that will cost Americans their lives as we know them. Your Freedoms will be gone. Why do you think the democrats want your guns. So they will have no problem becoming the Dictators and Americans, helpless to do anything, will become their Slaves. So, America make up your mind, Do you want FREEDOM or SLAVERY. Its your choice if you act now

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