Move To Destroy Parler Fails as They Make Wise Move

Liberal media and their social media cousins are working to remove any platform used by conservatives to communicate with one another. Parler had become the favorite place to land for conservatives once the liberals started locking up accounts for exercising freedom of speech. But now that the conservative base is moving and can no longer be silenced, social media giants want to eliminate their economic competition.

The left regime targeted Parler because the platform would not practice the art of selective censoring of conservatives. Since the people behind the scenes will not violate the Constitution, the company has come under attack to the point where Amazon Web Services decided to drop them and no longer service the platform.

The liberal monsters praised the move as a step in the right direction. But the freedom of speech will always fight back. Parler took their platform over to Epik, which is an internet web hosting company that works with conservatives.

The left may try and shut down the rational voices in America, but they are finding it harder than they think. The demise of Parler was planned by Apple, Google, and other “big tech” sources. It could also be said that the reason these giants are targeting Parler is because of the massive amount of Trump supporters that flocked to the site once Twitter and others started censoring content.

There is a process that Parler will have to go through in order to move to Epik. But it looks like the platform will find its new home soon.

The hypocritical standard coming from the liberal sites is deafening. They enforce rules on people that are lopsided and only focus on the conservative side. The liberals can issue their hate speeches, but the right cannot defend or say anything about the left. Twitter and Facebook are in the same bed as they continue to violate the rights of millions of people.

Parler is fighting back as they have sued Amazon for their treatment of the conservative site. One news site “stated that Parler sued Amazon on Monday, alleging that the tech giant’s actions are unfair, anti-competitive, and politically motivated because Amazon has not taken any action against Twitter for similar violent content on its platform. Twitter is also a client of Amazon Web Services business for hosting websites.”

The fight for America and freedom will not be fought on a battlefield. It will be fought in the courtroom. The liberal-socialist will try and steal Americans’ freedoms, and the courts will have to give them back. This is one reason why President Trump made it his mission to rebalance the courts.

Every conservative associated site and company are being targeted in some way by the socialists in America. Epik is also no exception to the rule. They are under attack as well for their part in hosting conservative platforms. The platform called Gab is another social media arena that is being targeted because they are against the threat that the left possess to the country.

Epik is not a site that is going to censor speech. They host other platforms that would not be considered moral by any definition of the word. One leftist organization called Vice stated that “Epik is already known as the internet savior of the far-right due to its support of other social media sites associated with the far-right.”

So, it seems that any business, person, or media center is ripe for the attack now that the liberals think they have all the power. These socialist nightmares forget quickly that power does not come from sitting in an Oval Office. It comes from the people.

The hateful left may think that shutting down sites like Parler and Gab will do the country well. But it stands to reasons that such sites are up and running because the left has made it necessary for them to exist.

The conservative voice cannot be silenced. People living in America have the right to voice their opinions and take a stand for what is right. For the left to try and take that away from the people, invite the voter to remove them from office.

181 thoughts on “Move To Destroy Parler Fails as They Make Wise Move”

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    1. This may or may not be a accurate reply, It is on my mind as I read what Apple and Amazon Facebook , Google , Twitter and Microsoft. along with the main News Media and News Paper Media have created in this United States
      My Parents Came to this Land of the Free to get away from Dictators, Socialist and Communist Control,
      I was shocked when JF K was shot , and then to find out that our own government agency killed him was hard to swallow’
      Since then MANY thigs changed in this country, the LIBERAL ( Democratic ) Society imported nationals from lands and turning this land into cesspools like the lands they came from, then they see the Profit to get into our government and
      Socialism is started,, Now, presently some of the CEO’s of the Tech companies are from such lands, and what we are stuck with is a new breed of Dictators, much worth then Stalin, these present DICTATORS are Tech oriented to gain absolute control of our life’s , We have Zuckerberg, married to a Chinese Socialist( Communist ) manipulating the ignorance of the public to post their personals, friends and relatives private lives information so that that pig can sell that information to Global Market Pirates and he becomes a Billionaire on their private lives. same as the Twitter Idiot Jack Dorsey, a Moron with his minion controlling what people should think and believe, same as the bald headed idiot Jack Bezos running Amazon, I should flatten the tires of the AMAZON trucks when the drive on a private road to deliver shit to customers,
      This country needs a reality check, who in the hell elected these friggan bastards to dictate and run our country, boycott using their site and hurt them in their $$$$$$$$, stop using these miserable bastards

      1. We have decided to ban them from our home. They made their billions in this Country now they want to take rights from the people who live here. We need to find stores to shop NOW! Do not make your life troubled by giving these communist our money. Gas prices have just begun to rise because we elected a corrupt man to run this Country that will go from great to miniscule . When you have someone who loves his Country it makes a great difference then having someone who lines his family”s pockets with our money and raises the cost of living for the everyday man and woman. They have been brainwashing our children for years. We need to let our children know GOD is in charge not this lousy government we will have for the next 4 years. I admired President Donald J. Trump , I detest the current so called president who stole this presidency with the help of past presidents and communist leaders in congress and senators who lost their way. . They allow blm and antifa to fight ,burn, loot, tear down cities and they don’t question how many of them were front and center at the Rally for our GREATEST President ever. Wake up America to Our God and our Country and lets keep standing for it!

      2. I agree we need to stop using any of their social media platforms. Boycott
        them Let them dround in there
        stupidity faster than they gained wealth by a mere fluke. They are definitely not any genius nor supeior to me. They are not going to control my life, I have never used them other than Google the ten years they have been in existance. And I have survived, gotten by fine, don’t need them, don’t want them. You didn’t need them either eleven years ago and you survived. Stop using Google, find you another search engine, use duckduckgo or something similar. Stop shopping with them and Amazon on line. Start going back to the stores and market when you need something. Support your local merchants. Boycott shopping at Wallmart. Let’s give our business back to the smaller stores, the mom and pop shops. Let’s unite together and do this. Trust me 85 million plus, THEY WILL FEEL THE IMPACT. Let’s make them suffer for trying to dictate our lives. They dont want a free America they want to have the communist control and dictate it. I am in !!! ARE YOU? LETS DO IT !!!

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  41. They are banning TERRORISTS, illegal Militias, White Supremacists, Nazis and such. intent on carrying out a COUP.

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