About Us

The mainstream media is full of biased stories that have been made up and twisted to fit a liberal political agenda. They continue to censor and attack conservatives every chance they get. And they do not have feelings of remorse as they trample them into the ground. If you are that conservative and are looking for a place to get truthful news, then Patriot for America is right for you. 

America deserves more than a media hub that gives only the liberal side of any news report. The people deserve to know the facts so they can make up their minds. Patriot for America was established so conservatives can be given the facts behind the news that matters the most. News that makes a difference and tells the truth.

You will find that the writers spend a lot of time sifting through the piles of reports and stories to produce reliable reports that you can find in one convenient location. Conservatives have stopped going to liberal news sites because they know that they are no longer trustworthy or believable. Patriot for America changes that stigma and provides relevant news every day. 

The political happenings around America have far-reaching repercussions. When conservatives stop following the news because of the liberal bias, they are often left in the dark and wonder if anything can be done to combat the problem. The answer to that issue is to stay informed by reading news that is true and edifying. 

Patriot America will give you the news that the mainstream media refuses to share. Every conservative will find that they are better informed when the truth is told. The fight against liberalism is ongoing, and that is why conservatives must band together and tell the truth. We truly appreciate that you’ve considered us to be your news source.